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Many important historic and legal documents concerning Ambazonia and Cameroun can be downloaded on under menu "information -> documents".

The authors of the UK House of Commons Report  about the "Anglophone Cameroon crisis" June 2018  (see pdf below) need to be corrected in their statement that Ambazonians would be "secessionist Cameroonians" and still live in "Anglophone Regions of Cameroon"! That goes for any reporting about Ambazonians worldwide: Ambazonians are not Cameroonians and Ambazonian territory is not in Cameroonian territory! The British Empire is the biggest culprit in selling Ambazonia aka "Southern Cameroons" out to French Cameroun into misery. All British politicians and High Court judges need to be reminded about the moral and legal obligation to finally set Ambazonia free now. 

The Ambalander Prof. Carlson Anyangwe from the Departmenrt of Foreign Affairs of the Interim Government of Ambazonia wrote a great summary of the common narrative of the Ambazonian struggle towards independence, see the pdf below. It should be adopted in all conversations and negotiations with  foreigners, who still believe in the French Camerounese lying propaganda.   

Documentaries on Youtube:

The French African Connection - France's Thirst for Energy - ep 1/3

This is How France maintains 14 African countries Under slavery

Cameroon - Protest - Paul biya - killer - Human Rights Abuse

Cameroon Soldiers Kill Protesters, Brutalize Students

The French In Ambazonia

HRH Fon Fongum Gorji Dinka reveals how Ambazonia was illegally occupied by LRC

Interview with Fon Gorji Dinka Part 1-4

Gorji Dinka Responding to questions in a town hall meeting in MN USA September 1990

The Carlson Anyangwe Interview

Amba Perspective with Prof. Carlson Anyangwe 08/11/2017 Edition

Amba Perspective Special Edition

Tapang Ivo We shall not give up our fight for freedom by fire by thunder Ambazonia must be free

Dr. Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga Speaks Again!

H.E Dr. Sako Ikome Samuel addresses the Nation of Ambazonia

The Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia

Resistance Speech by the FAGC Leader Ayaba Cho Lucas

The future of Southern Cameroons: Another failed state? by Atam Millan

Professor Elizabeth Bifuh-Ambe -The Educational future of Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia

Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Bioweapons

Kiven Kine Coffin Revolution



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