Global Info Campaign

The illegality of Ambazonian's occupation by French Cameroun and the legality of Ambazonia's independence as well as a true understanding of the roots of the many problems in Cameroon are not very wellknown respectively achieved yet in the world. Too many people and politicians are too uninterested in the true problems of and the true solutions for Cameroun and Ambaland. Also the African Union and the United Nations are widely corrupted by France and Switzerland and feed their info and intelligence about Cameroon from lying or half-true French narratives. Therefore we all need to join a global info campaign which tells the truth and enlightens people and powers of all kind about possible, constructive solutions. This campaign needs to be done in a coordinated fashion though, not that every single individual reports something different or irrelevant things to the wrong address, but also the right to free expression and opinion must be respected and after all it is necessary to be perceived as authentic. We live in the age of info flood where many wars and propaganda wars are going on globally and locally, so some guidelines for the wind making and support seeking for the Ambazonian cause need to be respected. The optimum would be of course, if all Ambazonian leaders and citizens would always speak in one voice, tell always the truth and show always proof for their statements, but since that can never be reached 100%, at least an honest try into this direction has to be undertaken. Also every person who joins the campaign and wants to help spreading news and truth to politicians, journalists, organizations or VIPs needs to know or learn in which form certain institutions are addressed in order to gain some effect. It is the job of the leaders to synchronize their narratives, commonly sign the summary narrative and make the basics downloadable on their websites, so that not only public relations teams but everybody can copy, paste, add a little authentic individual material and further mail, email, send, forward, multiply, video-message etc..


A good start for joining is to read the official letter of the ARCC, Ambazonia Restoration and Collaborative Council, to the US Congress on June 25th 2018 at the bottom of this page first, and then scroll up again to go through our proposals which points any info letter to politically, economically and militarily relevant parties should contain! 

Also we can recommend the online translator DeepL for translations; it is much better than "google translate". Nevertheless a native speaker should always crosscheck. 

Here are some points which any info letter to officials and potential supporters should contain: 

- a letterhead which displays the Ambazonian flag and all the emblems of the various Ambazonian groups

- a map of Ambazonia and Cameroun with precise boundary lines and locations of cities and resources

- a group photo of all leaders, waving the Ambazonian flag 

- a statistical overview of the basic data like number of residents, size, GDP, exports/imports, living standard, development index etc.

- an overview of the present situation: Biya has rigged the elections again, is continuing war crimes, causes many deaths, refugees, displaced persons, raped and maimed ones, political prisoners, catastrophic governance, system of bribery, exploitation of resources for multinational cooperations, censored media and so on. 

- links or attachments of sources and proof for the crimes and statements above

- a list of wrongs and lies of present widespread narratives about Ambazonia / Cameroun and their corrections

- a declaration of refusal by the Ambazonian leadership to dialogue or federate with war criminals, dictatorships, constitution violators, state terrorists, illegal annexors, election riggers

- a reproach against the proposal of foreign powers of the "free world" to dialogue with tyrannic regimes: "Why do you recommand us to dialogue with Biya and you yourself did not dialogue with the Hitlers, Stalins, Frankos, Mussolinis, Pol Pots etc., but you fought them with bombs?"

- a general statement about the legality of self-defense against war crimes and state terrorism

- a list of the historic and constitutional legal facts which constitute Ambazonia's sovereignty and right to international recognition of independence

- a characterization of the many foul plays of Françafrique with referral to the many crimes in other African countries and how positive those countries developed, which liberated themselves from Françafrique

- an outlook how independent Ambazonia wants to be from the French hegemony, currency, influence, secret treaties and resource robbery

- a description of what kind of constitution and accordance with AU- and UN-principles an independent Ambazonia wants to be founded on

- a statement about how the Ambazonian leaders are mandated or plan to be mandated by an inner-Ambazonian election or referendum

- a proposal in which details the policy of the addressed person, party or government has to be changed in order to prevent a worsening of the situation and how the addressed ones could and should help

Here is a sample letter from which you may pick further ideas to complete the letter: 



Dear [Journalist], [Parliamentarian], [VIP], [Head of Organization],


We, the representatives of the appr. 8 million people of Ambazonia, a country which was formerly called Southern Cameroons by the British colonizer and geographically between Nigeria and Cameroon, send this urgent plea to you in the hope you may help us and set the many media lies about us straight. The French Camerounese long-term dictator Paul Biya (85) is committing genocide on us, with the help of France to whom Cameroon is still a colony for exploitation, because there are treaties between France and Cameroon, which keep Cameroon in financial and military dependency. Paul Biya is a criminal puppet dictator for France, who was never elected by the people in unmanipulated elections and who spent a total of 5 years of his 36-year-rule in Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva to spend Cameroonian and Ambazonian tax money and resource profits for luxuries, and who recently occupied Ambazonia (former Southern Cameroons) militarily after the Ambazonians started marching peacefully for more freedom, democracy and development. To him we are "Anglophone Camerounese" and secessionists, but we want to explain to you that this is not true; we are restorationists of an already given sovereignty by the UN. Yes, the UN had given British Southern Cameroons, now called Ambazonia or Ambaland, sovereignty by UN vote 64 yes to 23 no in the year 1961 and the British had given Ambazonia their own constitution in 1958, different from the French Camerounese constitution, and also the promise to get her own government and borders after Cameroon and Nigeria went into independence. But this promise was disrespected by the French and their puppet dictators in French Cameroun and consequently Southern Cameroons was annexed militarily and since then we Ambazonians were not only "marginalized', but mal-governed, exploited and massacred in numbers in the most horrific ways, including deliberate destruction or removal of already existing infrastructure. Since the 80s we Ambazonians cry for independence, but nobody seems to hear us, because France and her policy of Françafrique have such a strong position in the UN, the Security Council, the AU, the EU and the media. 

We want to tell you, what in the present political discussion about Cameroon are French (Camerounese) propaganda lies about us - often parroted by international media - and what is the truth about the real situation and solution in Ambazonia and Cameroun (French spelling with an "u"). Then we want to tell you what you can do. 

Dictator Biya's censored media propaganda: “Cameroon is a democracy, ruled by president Paul Biya since 36 years, who achieved peace and stability in that region of the world.”

FACT: Cameroon is kleptocracy, a dictatorship and a neo-colony of France, who is in "decolonization" treaty with Cameroon which is only pseudo-decolonization, because it keeps Cameroon in financial and military dependency and guarantees France expressis verbis the final political say in Cameroon. Dictator Paul Biya was never elected in fair democratic, unmanipulated elections, and he had lost the elections 1992 after two terms he bribed the military, media and cabinet to stay in power, and France and Switzerland didn't say no to this farce, because they profit largely from the resources in Cameroon. Biya violates the constitution on a daily basis, is a proven war criminal not only since he illegally invaded Ambazonia (former Southern Cameroons) in 2017, but since 1984 already when he became a dictator and started ruling by a cruel system of divide & conquer and bribery over some 240 tribes/counties. More than a million Ambazonians had to flee out of the country into the Ambazonian diaspora worldwide. Cameroon is one of the most unnecessarily run down, exploited, top-down-corrupted and mal-governed countries in the world. The situation is so bad, people in Europe can't imagine. And that's not the fault of the Cameroonians or Ambazonians but the fault of Françafrique and every political body who turns a blind eye to it.   


Dictator Biya's censored media propaganda: “Cameroon is in crisis because there is an “Anglophone Problem.”

FACT: There is no Anglophone-Francophone problem in Cameroon! The root of the problem is that the neocolonial policy of Françafrique steals the resources of Anglophone Ambazonia and Francophone Cameroun and dictator Biya is the custodian of this big robbery, who answers the peaceful calls of the mainly Christian Ambazonians for more democracy and less kleptocracy by human rights violations and war crimes. Cameroon has no problem between the 25% Anglophones in the west (who call themselves Ambazonians since 1984) and 75% Francophones in the East. The whole problem and crisis is not rooted in language or culture issues but rooted in Biya’s mal-governance since decades, in France’s ruthless exploitation of Cameroon and in a deliberate destruction-, oppression-, exploitation- and marginalization-policy against the “Anglophones” since the 60s, because Françafrique discovered oil in Ambazonia and the puppet dictators in Cameroon did deliberately annex and underdevelop Ambazonia to steal the resources more undisturbed by Anglophone Ambazonia and Nigeria. Already existing infrastructure in the 60s like generators at water dams for electricity were deliberately dismantled and transported from the Anglophones to the Francophone zone for example, and every incentive of reasonable regional self-governance of Ambazonia was run down by incompetent bureaucrats enthroned by the central government in French Cameroun.


Dictator Biya's censored media propaganda: “Cameroon’s government fights against Boko Haram and Anglophone “secessionists”, who are all “bandits and terrorists”.“

FACT: The Biya regime is clearly the terrorist, the Hitler, the Stalin, the perpetrator, not the Ambazonians. He started the violence, the Ambazonians are just defending themselves from genocide. Cameroun is clearly the foreign aggressor in Ambazonia, who puts oil into the fire and is shooting civilians, burning villages, destroying harvests and let the soldiers rape, loot, torture, while the Ambazonians fight for their freedom and democracy with their bare fists against French helicopters and machine guns. Biya misuses weapons bought in USA which were meant for fighting Boko Haram now against Ambazonians just to stay in power longer. Cameroun has invaded Ambazonia, Ambazonia has not invaded Cameroun. Cameroun uses foreign mercenaries to commit war crimes while Ambazonians defend their very homeland and keep to the Geneva convention, treating captured ones humanely. The "Anglophones", who are actually a unique people called Ambazonians, who are not Cameroonians, live in the territory of the former United Nations British Trust Territory of “Southern Cameroons” and were declared independent by UN vote 64 yes to 23 no in 1961 and promised an own government by the British in an aspired kind of confederacy with French Cameroun, but were annexed militarily by French Cameroun since then who never allowed Ambazonian self-governance and never respected the British promise. The Ambazonians don't live in Cameroonian "border regions" and they are not secessionists nor separatists nor terrorists, but freedom-oriented, civilized, modern democrats, who just want to restore their once given independence in order to flee the annexation and French Camerounese mal-governance, corruption, exploitation, marginalization, annexation and war crimes. To throw them into the same pot with Boko Haram or Biya's mercenaries is like throwing victims and aggressors into the same pot. International media hesitates to distinguish between the aggressor's violence and the defender's violence, because many foreign powers just don't care about the peoples in this region of the world. 


Dictator Biya's censored media propaganda: “Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians live in the two western border regions of Cameroon and their 80+ tribes are too divided to govern themselves well.“

FACT: “Southern Cameroons” had its own constitution since 1960 and was never just two regions in the south or west of Cameroon, but always a sovereign country even when it was colonized by the Germans for a short period of time, because not colonizers decide about the sovereignty of a people but their own language, culture, identity and will, and now 95% of all Ambazonians want independence. No union treaty between Ambazonia aka Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun was ever ratified. And the Bamenda High Court Decision of 1992 had ended all kind of possible union between “Southern Cameroons” and “La République du Cameroun” anyway, after any form of union was dissolved by the Restoration Law of 1984 by the Cameroonian parliament. And the “division” between the many tribes of the Anglophone Ambazonians is also only an invention of the French (Camerounese) black-on-black colonizers, who draw an artificial border line between “Southwest” and “Northwest” “regions” as well as county borders through Ambazonia, which do not make sense, because they are even cutting through tribe territory of one and the same tribes in many cases and because there is no difference between “southwest” Ambazonians and “northwest” Ambazonians, they are all the same Ambazonians or Ambalanders. They have their own flag, constitution, interim government, language, culture and identity. They are peace-loving, intelligent, musical, progressive, well-educated, very sympathetic people and it is a total shame and disgrace that the international community is not helping them.  


Dictator Biya's censored media propaganda: “Cameroon’s military in Ambazonia has killed 40 secessionists in combat in 2017-2018.“

FACT: Dictator Biya cut the internet and current for Ambazonia for several months and not only during that time but continuously and increasingly since 2016 he bought foreign mercenaries from Chad and Equatorial Guinea who commit war crimes against thousands of innocent civilians, peaceful demonstrators and farmers, like burning children and grandma’s in their houses, destroying the harvests of the farmers, killing, maiming, raping of everyone who looks suspicious and digging them away in unknown mass graves or locking them up and torturing them in unknown basements or maximum security prisons without any charge. At least 2000 cases are documented. Whole villages are burnt. And the conditions for political prisoners in Cameroons overcrowded prison cells are horrific. Biya's appointed judges and intimidated military courts are inventing allegations out of thin air, applying Cameroonian law for deeds in Nigeria, torturing abducted civilians,  … it's total lawlessness in Cameroon, thanks to France's puppet regime which runs totally on bribe and violence. 


Dictator Biya's censored media propaganda: “The “Cameroonian” refugee crisis of some 10000 “Southern Cameroonian” refugees in Nigeria and the “Anglophone crisis” could be solved if all regional and local-tribal chiefs would come for a dialogue with Cameroonian government officials.“

FACT: The Ambazonians (aka “Southern Cameroonians”) have tried to reach reasonable compromises with the Cameroonian government in many round tables for 57 years, but all what the Cameroonian dictatorships and their corrupt bureaucrats and militarists did was exploiting and destroying Ambazonia further and further, which has led to at least 160000 refugees into Nigeria up till now. Since Biya has started open genocide in Ambazonia, all cries of the Ambazonian people and diaspora all over the world go the the UN, EU, US, AU and Françafrique-critical governments, but so far the plight of the appr. 8 million Ambalanders are not top priority on the agendas of the big players and the tendency to let France continue to exploit Africa is high, because some other powers want a strong counterweight against Germany, Britain, USA or the rising Africa in Europe. So they keep repeating the French media lies about Ambazonia / Cameroun like parrots. Even the UN still demands “dialogue” with dictator Biya in disregard that he and his government are totally illegal, corrupted and committing one war crime after the other.


Dictator Biya's censored media propaganda: “Even if “Southern Cameroons” aka “Ambazonia” would be allowed self-governance or even independence, their government would be not much better than Cameroon’s.“ 

FACT: This perpetuation of distrust in the African quest for regional self-governance is just a protecting hand to the perpetuation of neo-colonialist exploitation of Africa and it forgets that now in the internet age a generation of the New Africa is rising, which has made their degrees in the best universities worldwide and knows about democracy, federalism, sustainable development, high technology and bioengineering as much as the Europeans or Americans or Asians. The concept of Françafrique to breed puppet dictators in Africa who transfer resource profits into foreign accounts and keep the populations oppressed is completely outdated and inhumane and violates all standards of international law. Therefore, since for the Francophones it is not as easy to liberate themselves from that concept, give Anglophone Ambazonia a chance and help making it a role model for the New Africa, spearheading post-modern development, democratic principles and application of strictest anti-corruption measurements. Ambazonia follows the European Marshall Plan WITH Africa and the new wind of progress in the African Union. Let the Africans sort out themselves how they want to be governed, because, if you don’t they will do it anyway with just more unnecessary blood and migrants flow. Even the young president in France does not believe in African puppet dictators and exploitative neo-colonialism anymore, but in the well-being of all peoples in the world so win-win-situations have a higher chance on all sides!  


So what is the SOLUTION to all these problems in Cameroon?



  1. Support a 2-state-solution Ambazonia and French Cameroon.

  2. Support the Ambazonian resistance and the withdrawal of Cameroonian troops from Ambazonia.

  3. Call for the retreat of Biya and his cronies from governance.

  4. Help to bring Biya & Co before International Criminal Court or the Court of the AU.

  5. Demand immediate, internationally supervised elections carried out independently in both countries Ambazonia and French Cameroun.

  6. Demand the replacement of both outdated, neo-colonialist constitutions of Ambazonia aka “Southern Cameroons” and French Cameroun by two new, modern, democratic, up-to-date, anti-neo-colonialist constitutions.

  7. Demand the declaration of any treaties between France and Cameroon, which keep Cameroon in dependency, as null and void.

  8. Demand the return of the Cameroonian and Ambazonian currency reserves in the original value from the Treasury in Paris to the governments of both countries.

  9. Demand the implementation of strictest anti-corruption law into any constitution and finance/taxation-system of African countries; anybody who puts public money into private pockets shall be fired or impeached immediately.

  10. Convince the world that strong, free, democratic, self-governing African countries bring more win-win-situations to the world than oppressed, exploited, suffering and migrating peoples.

  11. Tell the world that the outdated concept of Françafrique is violating the principles of the UN and AU and the guidelines of the present official European Marshall Plan with Africa.

  12. Tell the French foreign intelligence to stop financing or equipping Islamic fundamentalists in Africa as a tricky way to always call USA and China for military help. Africa belongs to the Africans, period.

  13. Tell Trump and his Russian business partners that they will do better business with a free Ambazonia than with a slave master Françafrique.

  14. Be certain that Africa is ready for self-governance, especially Ambalanders, because the new generation of Ambaland is fully connected to the internet and has studied in the best universities worldwide.


How can you specifically support us?


You will choose by yourself what is the range of your possibilities. Again, we can only repeat what would be most urgent and effective: the main thing is to support the truth by speaking out facts against lies in international media or by forwarding copies of this letter. We need to prevent genocide, to say No! to French puppet dictatorships in Africa, and we should push for a fundamental constitutional and governmental reform not only in Cameroon and to call for internationally guarded elections or referenda in both Ambazonia and French Cameroun separately, and to make all this more well-known in the world. Ambazonia’s legitimate homeland security forces against terrorizing, killing, abducting and literarily burning innocent civilians will achieve the defeat of the French Camerounese occupation troops on Ambazonian territory anyway, but a peaceful solution can be found with much less blood loss and much sooner, if the world orders France and her Camerounese puppet regime to get out of Ambazonia and to stop corrupting and exploiting Cameroon. Even a confederacy between Ambazonia and French Cameroun will be possible later on, as soon as the neo-colonialists and war criminals are removed from power and replaced by the hopeful, educated, democratic, competent new generation of law-abiding, responsible people. This will also reduce the number of refugees into non-African continents by the way ...  


For more information please see the attached documents:


  • List of historic and constitutional legal facts about Ambazonia (former Southern Cameroons)

  • List and photos of documented war crimes in Ambazonia committed by the Biya regime

  • Map of Ambazonia and her oil fields

  • Organigrams of 2 new constitution drafts for Ambazonia (common law) and Cameroun (civil law)


And see our websites:


  • (Republic of Ambazonia)

  • (Ambazonia Governing Council)

  • (Federal Republic of Ambazonia Interim Government)

  • (predecessor of

  • (Southern Cameroons Broadcast)

  • (Website of the German Ambazonian Christoph Messner)

  • (fundraising website for Ambazonia)

  • (Movement for the Restoration of Independence of  Southern Cameroons)

  • (Ambazonian Homeland Defense)

  • (Southern Cameroons People’s Organization)

  • (Southern Cameroons National Council)

  • (Ambazonian Homeland Security)

  • (Ambazonian Refugee Help) 

  • Ambazonia Broadcasting Network on Youtube

  • (Independent Ambazonian Channel, run by Mark Bareta)

  • (TV channel in Douala, which reports about Ambazonia, also on Youtube & Facebook)

  • (fundraising website)

  • (Southern Cameroonian Congress of the People)

  • (Southern Cameroons Civil Society Consortium)


If you have any questions, please call any leader listed on the next page or send your email to:


This Truth & Info Letter was / will be also sent in hard copy to …


… many news agencies and journalists in the world,

… major daily and weekly newspapers of every country in the world,

… major TV and Radio stations,

… parliamentarians in the world, who are engaged for a better Africa,

… VIPs, who are engaged for a better Africa-Nonafrica-relationship, and

… all organizations, which are relevant. 


[In the following the names and signatures of the leaders plus the symbol of their “group”, party or exile government department/position, plus date and location. They are all confirmed leaders inside their group, since full elections in the homeland Ambazonia are presently impossible, because of the war situation and because the regime of Cameroon would manipulate elections.]


Formal Head of State of the Republic of Ambazonia Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka

Acting Interim President of the (Federal) Republic of Ambazonia Dr. Samuel Sako

Chairwoman of the Ambazonia Restoration Collaboration Council Ms. Catherine Nformangum

Chairman of the Ambazonian Social Democratic Front

Chairman of the Ambazonia Governing Council Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba

Spokesman of the Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons  Ntumfoyn Herbert Boh

Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Peoples’ Organization

Chairman of the Ambazonia Peoples’ Restoration Movement Mr. Edwin Ngang

Spokesman of the Republic of Ambazonia Nationalists Marc Chebesi

Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Youth League Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga

Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council

Chairman of the Ambazonian Bar Association

Chairman of the Ambazonian Teachers Association

Chairman of the Ambazonian Economic Development Forum

Chairman of the Ambazonian Treasury Secretary

Ambazonian Ex-Member of the Cameroonian Parliament Honorable Joseph Wirba

Chief Justice of Cameroon Paul Ayah Abine

Chairman of the Ambazonian Homeland Defense Council

Chairwoman of the Ambazonian Homeland Relief Fund

Chairwoman of the Southern Cameroons Women’s Movement Mrs. Frida Mambo

Secretary for Communication in the Acting Interim Government of Ambazonia Mr. Chris Anu

Spokesman of the Ambazonian Consortium Mr. John Mbah Akuro


[The more signatures the better ….] 

Important journalists, politicians, CEOs and organizations every friend of the truth about Ambazonia and Cameroun should write or speak to and what info is essential to lecture

The most important people to reach are in the intelligence community in and around foreign countries’ embassies, parliaments and main news channels and agencies, who “make” the news by writing intelligence reports or head articles. Preferably of those countries who are anti-Françafrique, but it is an error to think, only the superpowers and other big players are relevant, because the first league of power is usually in bed with France and Swiss banks, so the truth info about victim Ambazonia and perpetrator Cameroun has to reach the third and second leagues of power and smaller countries as well, for example in NGOs, churches, foundations, associations, smaller parties and so on. Only when many of those in the second and third ranks of power start to lobby for a case before the first rank, then the first rank starts moving. We also should not forget the sympathy of the billions of people who have almost no power. They also do not like to be governed by a faraway anonymous “world exploitation government”, but they want national sovereignty, regional autonomy, cultural identity and fairness between all states ande humans to be preserved, and those billions are voters. So talk to everybody who crosses your way about the braveness of Ambazonia and the evilness of the Biya Regime and neocolonizers in Africa.  

So in order to reach all these people and institutions, google for each country for …


  • List of newspapers / online newspapers

  • List of radio stations

  • List of TV channels / networks

  • List of government institutions, embassies, parliamentarians, especially those commissioned to Africa

  • Top 10, Top 50, Top 100 newspapers, radios, TV, celebrities etc.

  • List of international / intergovernmental organizations (tip: Yearbook of 75000 international organizations:

  • List of Pan-African Organizations

  • List of Africa-experts, -professors, -insitutes

  • List of NGOs

  • List of Human Rights Activists

  • Facebook groups: “Ambazonia”, “Southern Cameroons”, “Biya must go”, “We love Bamenda”, …

  • Twitter addresses of politicians, CEOs, journalistis,


This is a lot of work, but every individual can form teams with other Ambazonians so that everyone gets a share of the work, and besides writing essentially everything which you see on this website here in summarized form, do attach at least one official document from the Ambazonian Interim Government or ARCC which is signed by as many leaders as possible, and also a copy of the new constitution of Ambazonia. .

In general, what should you tell when talking about Ambazonia / Cameroun?

We propose you write ….

- how beautiful, peaceful, educated and mainly Christian Ambazonia is

- that peaceful christian, muslim and native Ambazonians are helping the world to fight any form of terrorism

- that the French are not handling counter-terrorism better than the Africans themselves

- that the  exploitative neo-colonialism by Françafrique is a bad concept for Africa which deprives everybody even outside Africa from possible peace and future win-win-possibilities

- that the Africans have a new, educated generation now, who will not allow the French neocolonialist and exploitative rule on their territory anymore

- that the illegitimate, never truly elected, France-backed dictator of Cameroon Paul Biya is not a president, because he was never elected in fair, democratic, unmanipulated elections, but a criminal, human rights violator and terrorist who sponsors abductions, tortures, genocide and misuses weapons to fight his own people.

- that Biya and Cameroon cannot be member of the AU and Commonwealth anymore, because they violate the principles of the AU and Commonwealth, and Cameroon can only become member again after a replacement of its neocolonialist patchwork constitution by a modern, democratic constitution

- that France is secretly supporting Islamic terrorists in Africa to instigate trouble, so that everybody should cry for France, EU, US & China to stay and “help”, so this evil circle has to be intercepted

- that Françafrique is contradicting the new European “Marshall Plan WITH Sub-Sahara Africa”, because Françafrique runs on unilateralism and ruining African countries whereas the Marshall Plan runs on bilateralism and building up African countries, and because it does not see that a new generation of educated Africans is coming to power, who are not only willing but also able to self-govern

- that neo-colonialism in the monetarian-economic way is producing floods of refugees into non-African continents and will turn into a curse for whole Out-of-Africa; the liberation of all former French colonies in Africa from that neo-colonialism instead helps to solve that problem at the origin

- that redrawing of some of the old colonial, artificially drawn borderlines of the present African nations, which would give unique peoples with their own language and culture their own state back as sovereign nations, will not bring less stability in Africa but more, because no people in the world can be ruled by an alien neighbor country or a hegemony with another language or culture better than by itself

- that the Ambazonian independence is not based on a recent radical separatist or secessionist “movement”, but on independence which has existed ever since, even before colonial times, and that Ambazonia is now just removing the illegal occupation by any neo-colonizer once and for all by legal means; so Ambazonia/ Ambaland is not radical or separatist at all; it’s just going back to normal

- that the media’s narrative of any “Anglophone/Francophone” rift is false and all Anglophone Ambazonians want the Francophone Camerounese well; they are brothers and sisters and want to remain that

- that Ambazonia has got a new, modern, democratic, anti-corruption, anti-terrorism constitution, and wishes that French Cameroun also will modernize her constitution and government to the better, progressing from la dictature to la democratique …

- that the Anglophone People of Ambazonia and the Francophone People of Cameroun both want a peaceful solution of whole defunct Cameroon in form of a 2-state-solution, in which each is a Federal Republic in itself but no federalism with each other

- that Ambazonians are not Cameroonians, no matter how southern, western or Anglophone, because the Ambazonians were tricked into a union with French Cameroun under false promises of autonomy; that union had been dissolved by the Cameroonian parliament in 1984 latest anyway

- that the name Ambazonian comes from the many native Am”Ba”-Peoples living there and from the “Ambaz Bay” at their coastline; and that French Cameroun shall also get her native name back: “Sanagia”, if her peoples want it; Africans are tired of colonial names

- that the new Ambazonian leadership consists of all parties which are pro independence and that they are all advocating a strong homeland defense in form of official Ambazonian State Security Forces, which keep to international norms

- that Ambazonia is a buffer state between Nigeria and Cameroon which brings only stability and wealth

- that no Ambazonian citizen will ever go back into neo-colonialist slavery or allow French Cameroun to govern on Ambazonian territory

- that Ambazonian leadership will not give in to any appeasement politics by the French in the post Biya era either; independence is non-negotiable and giving back the currency reserves from France to Ambazonia and Cameroun neither

- that Cameroon, the Biya Regime and Cameroon’s outdated neocolonialist constitution are violating the African Charters for Democracy, Elections and Governance of the AU

- that all media articles about victim Ambazonia and aggressor Cameroun shall stop calling it a “civil war”, because it is an aggression of a foreign nation against another nation, and defense against aggression is legal and aggression is illegal


So, every friend of the truth just has to tell the true story to as many people and institutions as possible, but needs to download official documents of Ambazonian leaders to gain weight to the info mail. 

When you write a letter to institutions or organizations, always …


  1. tell your real name, contacts, interests, experiences etc., be truthful and authentic

  2. address the person or institution politely and by it’s correct title

  3. tell who you represent, who else is with you or backing you and how representative you are; name as many parties who share the same views, as you can

  4. attach fotos, videos, audios, documents, weblinks etc., which confirm your statements; don’t speculate or fabricate, but protect the identity of Ambazonian homeland defense

  5. at first, always praise something of the person or institution you want something from

  6. don’t insult or use vulgar language at all, rather show also a good will towards a good long term solution for the enemy or adversary as well; try to be objective

  7. if you can form or already have a group or lobby for your case, from which you can get many signatures or emails  or phone numbers under your letter or request, collect these first before you send; the more backup or references your letter has the better

  8. put Ambazonia’s flag and your group’s emblem on the letter

  9. check your text with our leaders, before you send; you should not contradict the policies of the Ambazonian leadership; but don’t only copy and past from others, because authenticity is also important; say things in your own words

  10. don’t play yourself unnecessarily into the foreground, but serve the common benefit in fairness to all other parties which have the same basic goal, but which differ a little from your opinion

  11. don’t send your email to many receivers at once, rather send them each separately, cause people and especially offices put mass mails into the spam folder immediately; better a few emails with high quality to persons you may really meet than many emails with low quality to persons you actually don’t want to deal with for real

  12. be aware that outside Africa many people don’t know where or what a “Cameroon” or a “Ambazonia” is and that almost everybody nowadays is like drowned in the global information flood; there are 250 countries in this world which all have their thousands of individual problems and priorities; so always explain from scratch where Cameroun and Ambazonia are, how conditions are there in general, and how all this historically developed into the present situation

Sample attachment to info-letters:


In the following pdf we copied the “10 starting points” in the official “European Marshall Plan with Africa”, which is downloadable on the website of the EU (just google it), and added some comments concerning the Cameroonian Biya regime to each of the points, which show how much the illegal dictator of Cameroon is violating these basic principles of the European approach to Africa. Although this European Marshall Plan with Africa is by far not optimal from the African perspective but it is at least ten times better than the plain robbery concept of Françafrique. Ambazonians and Camerounese should build on this possibility to get the EU on their side to kick French neocolonialism out of their territory and to make the EU put pressure on Cameroon, France and the AU, to stop violating UN, EU and AU Charters, and every African can also add further amendments and ideas from his or her side, maybe by an “African Mandela Plan With Europe and the World”.



10 starting points for the European Marshall Plan with Africa … and how the war criminal and unelected dictator of Cameroon, Paul Biya, backed by French corporations, which exploit Africa, violates these 10 points  




– Africa’s population is set to double by 2050. It will then be home to 20 per cent of all people in the world. Ensuring that hundreds of millions of young Africans have enough food, energy and jobs and that their natural resources are protected presents massive challenges but also opportunities. European countries in particular can play a role in tackling these massive challenges by offering their knowledge, innovations and technological advances and getting directly involved.

→ Cameroon’s dictator Paul Biya, like some other long-term dictators in the two Franc currency zones of Africa, who were enthroned by France to serve the interests of French corporations and Swiss banks, does not protect the natural resources of Cameroon, but exploits them recklessly to fill not only his private pockets but mainly the pockets of foreigners, who allow him a luxurious life in hotels in Geneva and Paris’ shopping miles.   



– The founding of the African Union (AU) and launching of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) were encouraging expressions of Africa’s desire to make a fresh start. And reform-minded politicians have outlined Africa’s own vision of the continent’s future in the AU’s Agenda 2063. Germany and Europe must now listen to what African countries are saying and bring a new quality and a new dimension to their cooperation with Africa. We need to move away from the donor-recipient mentality that has predominated for many decades and shift towards an economic partnership based on initiative and ownership. Africa is Europe’s partner – not only on matters of economic cooperation and development policy but also in such key policy areas as trade, finance, the environment, agriculture, economics, foreign affairs and security.

→ Cameroon’s 84-year old dictator Paul Biya likes “Françafrique” and not African self-governance. He also does not desire a fresh start. Instead, he puts reform-minded politicians in prison and tortures or exiles them. Then, he is only too happy, that the African Union is postponing reform goals until 2063 and that naïve European politicians keep sending economic delegations to him without asking his legitimacy as president of a country. They keep hoping that a little “development help” painted in the color of a “new partnership” but with the same old embezzler-in-chief would work differently, although his ministers eat up half of the expected profits as bribe as usual.  



– It is vital that Africa’s young people can see a future for themselves in Africa. The average age in Africa is 18. Soon Africa’s population will top 2 billion. That means that 20 million new jobs will be needed each year, in both urban and rural settings. Developing the necessary economic structures and creating new employment and training opportunities will be the central challenge. Africa’s young people also need contact and interaction with Europe. Europe must develop a strategy that allows for legal migration whilst combating irregular migration and people smuggling.

→ Cameroon’s illegitimate, never democratically elected dictator Paul Biya, since 36 years in power by the mercy of France, also creates new jobs for the youth, both in urban and in rural settings, although new jobs for the youth are not in Cameroon, but abroad … mostly out of Africa. Because most young people, who come out of Cameroon’s schools or universities have to learn, that their Cameroonian degree in biochemistry, law or engineering qualifies perfectly for either becoming a taxi driver, food seller, hotel cleaner or – if your marks have been really low – to get hired by the government or police, where the salary is ten to a thousand times higher, if you like bribes. Yes, we can be happy about Biya’s many new job creations, which teach so perfectly how to take bribes, falsify documents or rip off fellow citizens, and flee out of the country to where jobs match to the qualification.



– It’s not the governments that will create all the long-term employment opportunities that are needed, it’s the private sector. So it’s not subsidies that Africa needs so much as more private investment. That means creating an attractive environment within Africa itself. But it also means developing new instruments for

mobilizing and safeguarding investments. That will be topped off by proposals for corporate tax incentives and new investment opportunities, such as Africa funds or infrastructure bonds.

→ Cameroon’s often smiling dictator Paul Biya, who has no grey hair developing out of any worries for “his” people, cannot hear the screams of his tortured opponents and the cries of the thousands of road accident victims each year, while he is far away from all the malady of the ordinary people, hiding in his palace in the capital or in hotel Intercontinental’s king’s suite in Geneva, where nobody disturbs his planning of further beauty surgeries. Yes, this beautiful Paul Biya has always money left over for himself, because he does not see any need to build roads in his country other than where foreign trucks need to drive oil or timber to foreign ships. Why should he not smile again about the great European incentive to reduce any political criticism on African leaders & governments and let the companies now focus on merely private business, funds and bonds? Good for Biya, that they shall create more and more “attractive environments” exactly where Biya & France want them to be, since the untouched Cameroonian government still stays in control of these private projects, funds and bonds anyway, by sending blackmailing killers to every successfully running business, which doesn’t want to pay the inofficial tax to the government. Yes, there is no reason not to smile or to hinder the Europeans on this reduction of pressure on African regimes, leave alone legal prosecutions ...



– Africa must be more than the continent of raw materials. The Marshall Plan is powered by a new kind of economic policy – one focused on economic diversification, the establishment of production chains, targeted support for agriculture and small and medium-sized businesses, enhanced status for trades and crafts and thus the creation of a new SME sector. Europe needs to support this by offering improved access to the EU single market and dismantling trade barriers.

→ Cameroon’s experienced dictator Paul Biya knows also very well that Africa is much more than the continent of raw materials. He has understood since decades that Africa is also the continent of raw human material, which can be exploited as well. And now with dismantled trade barriers and improved access to (or for?) the EU market, they can be exploited even more in ever more sophisticated production chains and wonderfully crafted new sectors in which the Europeans have the monopoly and no African company can compete. This way Biya can earn double and triple from the French or Chinese corporations, which exploit the cheap labor and super cheap resources in Cameroon, by claiming a double and triple bonus for keeping the salaries low in his land and the access of the non-African monopolies to Cameroon’s resources unhindered, since the Marshall Plan is not saying who owns the resources ….



– Sustainable economic development is reliant on the rule of law, on both men and women enjoying political participation and on efficient and non-corrupt administrative structures. Everyone should benefit from economic progress in a country, not just the elites. That is something to be supported and also demanded on a daily basis.

→ Cameroon’s extraordinally sympathetic dictator Paul Biya, who also seems to be a real man, since he killed his first wife and then the father of the twins of his second wife, facts which his French puppet players seem to like obviously, since they obviously prove he as self-appointed Head of State can really stand above the law and control the Judiciary or any constitutional nuisance, which would limit any terms, yes, this manly Paul Biya, who put the chief justice in jail and let bishops kill and their genitals be mutilated, is really full of fear now from this serious threat by the Marshall-Plan to add to the never existing legal prosecution of his steady crimes on millions of people now the daily verbal reminder that any administration should be non-corrupt. God beware, if some of his many scapegoat administrator heads may roll again? Or if another international protest note lands in the drawers of his desk on top of the other hundreds of accumulated protest notes? Daily verbal reminders! Wow! That is really shaking the fundaments of a totalitarian regime like in Cameroon to the core …



– The members of the African Union have committed to specific reforms in their Agenda 2063. We will be taking Africa’s commitments seriously and will step up our development cooperation with those partners who implement reforms aimed at good governance, protection of human rights and economic development.

→ Cameroon’s dictator Paul Biya finally needs to really listen! The Europeans declared seriously that they want to check on the African Union’s specific reforms and select only those countries for preferred partnership who implemented actual reforms. Too bad for Cameroon’s regime now, right, since there is never any reform? At least not too bad for uncle Biya, because he has got this very preferred relationship with France, which guarantees that his decade-long reliable refusal to reform anything will always be highly rewarded – to him only. And the Europeans – that is for sure – will never check on France & Françafrique, our dear ally and WW2-winner and money maker out of Africa … , or will they?



– Reforms in Africa must also be matched by reforms in Europe and at global level. The main areas are fair trade, combating illicit financial flows and putting a stop to arms sales to areas in crisis. New forms of political cooperation also demand closer cooperation between European and African institutions. That means a permanent seat for the African nations on the United Nations Security Council and an enhanced role in all international organizations and negotiations, such as the

World Trade Organization (WTO).

→ Cameroon’s excellency, highest of the highest, ruler of rulers, pa of all pas, chief all of chiefs, head of state, dictator of everything and arch democrat Paul Biya is impressed and challenged now. The reforms in Africa “must” be matched by reforms in Europe and even by the whole globe. They must. That means as long as they are not really matched they still have to. That duty is not ending until they are all matched everywhere. Wow. That will indeed happen fast then. It is unconditional. It is a “must”. All this must happen. Very soon. It must …. Especially since it is not said, that France “must” also. Because France is sending arms sales to areas in crisis in Africa and nobody cares. A permanent seat for the African nations in the UN Security Council and WTO will certainly give Cameroon a big weight. And not Ambazonia who is denied any seat although the Ambazonians were declared sovereign by UN resolution 1608. The Marshall Plan didn’t exactly define which kind of reforms it actually means …  



– A lot has been achieved with Official Development Assistance. Yet it cannot cope with the challenges of an entirely new dimension we are facing. ODA should instead serve more to facilitate and promote private investment. African countries themselves must also mobilize considerably more domestic revenues, for example in the form of higher tax receipts.

→ Cameroon’s dictator Paul Biya says thank you! “Higher taxes? Great! My finance minister will transfer me these higher incomes immediately. Very good for my Swiss accounts and for my wife’s shoe shops in Paris! Gives a real push for my salary from the oil wells, where I steal only 1.5 million dollars from my people per day so far!”



– Germany will deliver on its shared responsibility for the least developed countries. The Marshall Plan highlights people’s basic needs: food security, water, energy, infrastructure, digitalization, health care and access to education – particularly for women and girls. We need to acknowledge the opportunities and challenges presented by urbanization. And, just as much, we need to harness the potential of rural development and agriculture.

→ Cameroon’s beloved, francophile dictator Paul Biya says hi to his beloved Germany, which was so reliable to treat him in private clinics for small peanuts under exclusion of the press which never criticized France for robbing the Cameroonians through him and never criticized the Cameroonians for annexing the Ambazonians! Germany never says a word that France is producing millions of fugitives by the still ongoing French neo-colonialist, exploitative monetary rule over its former colonies in Africa. Thank you Germany, for caring now for the least developed countries in Africa, which could have developed themselves easily, if France, Switzerland, America, China etc. etc. would not support dictators, who rob their countries for their post-colonial masters of the 21st century. Thank you, Marshall-Plan, for wanting good things without bothering us with naming the reasons for the bad things! Thank you, Europe, for not leaving us behind your economic interests!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  



This write-up is partly using the original text of the European MARSHALL PLAN WITH AFRICA, which is downloadable in English, French or German language at .

Amendment proposals for the websites of Ambazonian revolutionary and governmental groups

  • (Republic of Ambazonia)

  • (Ambazonia Governing Council)

  • (Federal Republic of Ambazonia Interim Government)

  • (predecessor of

  • (Southern Cameroons Broadcast)

  • (fundraising website for Ambazonia)

  • (Movement for the Restoration of Independence of  Southern Cameroons)

  • (Ambazonian Homeland Defense)

  • (Southern Cameroons People’s Organization)

  • (SouthernCameroons National Council)

  • (Ambazonian Homeland Security)

  • Ambazonia Broadcasting Network on Youtube


  • (fundraising)

  • (information platform)

  1. Every official website of an Ambazonian revolutionary or interim governmental group should show the Ambazonian flag and state symbols, should be linked to facebook, twitter, youtube, google, whatsapp etc. and all Ambazonian news channels, and make their favored draft of a new constitution for the Republic of Ambazonia downloadable. Also any citizenship registration platform should be the same on all websites and be run by the same authority. The loyalty to the Ambazonian Homeland Defense and Refugee Relief and democratic foundation should be expressed. Every Ambazonian website shall express that it stands against terrorism and for the UN and AU Charters. 

  2. All websites of Ambazonian revolutionary and governmental groups shall prepare itself for the future website and coordinate their content towards it. shall be capable to run online referenda, passport application and citizenship registration. Ambalanders shall help the Camerounese also to create a modern website for their government in the post-Biya-era. 

  3. The Wikipedia articles about “Ambazonia” and “Southern Cameroons” need to be unpdated and linked to the website.  

  4. The naming “Southern Cameroons” shall be replaced by “Ambazonia”. Independent states need independent names. 

  5. The menu “fundraising” shall explain how many percent of the money are spent for what and how that is controlled by publishing of the confirmation of the receivers through a trusted spokesman.

  6. The portrayed governmental institutions, categories or departments should explain on the website whether they are already existing or just being planned and which type of democracy, federalism and law they are following. The non-negotiable goal of 2 sovereign states Ambazonia and Cameroun should be highlighted, which shall both give up any neocolonialist constitution.

  7. The listed leaders, department chairs or members should not only introduce themselves and lay open their previous engagement for Ambazonia but also tell what was achieved recently and what are the near and longterm goals. Showing group pictures of members and leaders demonstrating unity are favorable. Videos of Ambazonian state celebrations and defense operation successes should be inserted s long as they don't expose any state secret.

  8. The commitment to fight against terrorism, war crimes and neocolonialist exploitation shall be highlighted.

  9. Every picture of a map of Ambazonia should clearly mark the international boundaries between  Nigeria and Ambazonia and Cameroun and Ambazonia and should show the Ambaz Bay by name and should drop any boundary line between SW and NW. Bigger maps showing the county boundaries should check with the tribes first how accurate these boundaries actually are. To divide the small Ambazonia into three states makes no sense, it would just replace a double colonizer's nonsense by a triple nonsense.

  10. Under menu point "Business" there should be explained that every foreign company which is not supporting Ambazonia’s independence or steals resources from Ambazonian territory risks to get its facitiliies destroyed and finances confiscated. An outline of Ambazonia's economic plan after victory over the occupiers and having gotten back the currency reserves from France shall be presented. 

  11. Under menu point “Culture” there should not be portrayed only specific tribal cultures but the identities of all tribes and also inhowfar all of them have a unique Ambazonian culture and identity

  12. On the Headline "Government of Ambazonia" needs to be replaced by "Republic of Ambazonia", the emblem of the "Information Bureau" should remove the crown as a monarchic symbol; the menu “about us” should be renamed into “state institutions”, because the website is not about a group of people but a state. The slogan “restoration quest” should be replaced by “Ambazonia was, is and will always be independent”. The pictures of hstorical flags of Ambazonia ka Southern Cameroons shall not distract from the fact that the present flag is the valid one. The menu  "Former Prime Ministers of Ambazonia" should be transformed into a chronological line from 1800 to now and show all photos of all leaders, including the present ones. The menu "Recent Updates" should only bring really recent updates and merge together with "Latest News" and it should include all results of recent collaboration activities between Ambazonian revolutionary and governmental groups. The menu “information” should be renamed into “videos, sources, documents”. The menu "News" has too many sub-menus; keep it all under "Latest News" or "Recent Updates" or "News Archives", that's enough; too many menus should be avoided.

  13. Every Ambazonian website should have a section: How to protect yourself and your family during wartime.

  14. Any menu "donations" should explain what they money will be spent for. 

  15. The new flag of Ambazonia could be altered to look a bit more like all the other flags of countries in the world. Not so much elaborate painting of an animal. The peace dove is also reserved as an international symbol and could be interpreted as naïve. Since Ambazonia is going to be liberated by force the yes or no of the peace dove can be discussed.

  16. If you bring news about the “coffin revolution” you need to explain better to the world, who is in that coffin and who or what is going to be buried. Any news about the ongoing Ambazonian defense operations shall be careful not to expose any state secret or secret operative and focus on the needs and fundraising for victims.

  17. If the website represents a particular party it should say how many members this party actually has.

  18. The Interim Government has to decide whether or is the official website and should close the outdated one.  

Here is the official letter the Ambazonia Restoration and Collaborative Council ARCC sent to the US Congress on June 27th 2018, as PDF and below as full text:

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

To:  Hon. Members of the U.S. House

       Hon. Members of the U.S. Senate

       cc. Congressional staffers


Your Excellency,


Common Position on Ambazonia on the Occasion of the Hearing Before the

Congress of the United States this 27th day of June 2018


On behalf of the Sovereign People of the Republic of Ambazonia, we, leaders of six frontline Ambazonian liberation movements regrouped under the Ambazonia Recognition Collaborative Council (ARCC) write to:


Present our compliments to the Congress, the People and the Government of the United States of America;

To thank the U.S. Congress for organizing today’s hearing on what is clearly the failure of an unfortunate colonial experiment of which Ambazonians have been guinea pigs for over 100 years and consisting of attempts to legalize the colonial domination of the people of Ambazonia by Nigeria (for the 44 years until 1953) and similar domination by the Republic of Cameroon (for the 57 years since 1961);To renew our gratitude for America’s vote on 21st April 1961 before the United Nations General Assembly, along with 63 other countries, in favor of independence for the former United Nations British Trusteeship Territory of Southern Cameroons aka Republic of Ambazonia;To thank Congress for its historic proclamation of the independence of America from Britain which has inspired colonially dominated people the world over, including inspiring Ambazonians when they declared their independence restored on 1st October 2017;To thank the Congress of the United States for the leadership it has provided over the years in rejecting all forms of colonial domination, including its outstanding support leading to international sovereignty for peoples living under colonial domination, including the Sovereign Peoples of Timor Lester, South Sudan, Kosovo, etc.


We do so fully


• Aware of the constraints in time and logistics that impose a limit to the number of witnesses that can be admitted to one oral hearing;

• Anxious, however, to ensure that Congress is hearing directly from the most important stakeholders in this crisis – the Sovereign People of Ambazonia and their leaders;

• Deeply concerned by what we consider a growing and worrisome trend of bypassing Ambazonian organizations in favor of inviting organizations which have demonstrated a limited knowledge of the crisis to speak on behalf of our people;

• Disturbed by a track record of under-reporting the ongoing crisis, of misunderstanding or misrepresenting it and of distorting the historical demands of our people by some of the organizations invited to serve as witnesses during this hearing; and

• Keen to ensure that the Congress, the People and the Government of the United States of America are accurately, adequately and fully briefed on what the nature of the crisis is; on what this crisis is not; and anxious to ensure that the humble prayer of the People of Ambazonia is heard loud and clear;


We kindly request that this written statement be admitted as an integral part of

the oral hearing before Congress on this 27th day of June 2018.


This is what the ongoing crisis is and what it is not


• Contrary to oral statements provided in reports and during the most recent oral hearings by Amnesty International and the International Crisis Group, it is important to clarify the following:

• The ongoing crisis is, in effect, a territorial dispute between, on the one hand, the Republic of Cameroon (formerly the United Nations French Trusteeship Territory of Cameroon, which won independence from France and the United Nations on the 1st of January 1960) and, on the other hand, the Republic of Ambazonia (which was granted independence by Britain and the United Nations on the 1st of October 1961 under the appellation Southern Cameroons).

• This is, therefore, not an internal or domestic affair, involving citizens of one and the same country. Rather, and consistent with a 2009 landmark ruling by an African Union-accredited court based in Banjul (The Gambia), this crisis is the based on the refusal by the colonial government of the Republic of Cameroon to abide by that court ruling which recognizes Ambazonians as a people, different from the people of the Republic of Cameroon, with an inalienable right to selfdetermination.

• The root cause is a crime against humanity: the colonial domination of the Republic of Ambazonia by neighboring Republic of Cameroon in much the same way as the colonial domination of Southern Cameroons by Nigeria which lasted until 1953.

• As important as human rights are, their violations in Ambazonia as elsewhere around the world sadly, are only a tip of the iceberg. Of even greater concern to Ambazonians are the war crimes, Atrocity Crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes bordering on genocide that the spotlight being put on human rights by organizations like Amnesty International unintentionally undermine.

• Contrary to claims by Amnesty International and the International Crisis Group that this crisis is one of economic and political marginalization of an English-speaking people (Ambazonians) by their French-speaking neighbors (Cameroonians), this crisis is one of resistance (by Ambazonians) of annexation, military occupation, colonial rule and colonial domination by neighboring people of the Republic of Cameroon. Marginalization is a mere symptom; not the disease.

• While agitation for outright independence has been a non-violent political movement for over 100 years – for 44 years until 1953 under colonial domination by Nigeria and for the 57 years since 1961 under colonial domination by Cameroon – it degenerated into violence in late 2017 when the Republic of Cameroon chose violence (a declaration of war and the adoption of a policy that since then treated all Ambazonians as terrorists). No less than 3,000 Ambazonians have been killed in the war marked by a scorched-earth policy in which over 500,000 Ambazonians have been rendered homeless or been driven from their homes and villages – nearly 90 of which have been burnt to the ground.


The humble prayer of the Sovereign People of Ambazonia to the Congress of the United States is summarized in the following 38 points:


1. We request that Congress uphold the vote of the United States

Fifty-seven years ago, on 21st April 1961, the United States (along with 63 other

Member States of the United Nations) cast a historic vote during the 994th

Plenary Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee on

Decolonization. Chaired by Mr. Frederick H. Boland (Ireland) with Mr. Tsiang

(China) as Vice-Chair and Mr. Boeg (Denmark) in the role of Rapporteur, that

session terminated Trusteeship Agreement No.118 of 1946. As the successor

state of Southern Cameroons, the Republic of Ambazonia declared the

restoration of the independence granted under United Nations General

Assembly Resolution 1608(XV) which was passed by 64 YES votes; 23 NO

votes and 10 abstentions.

2. What is Good for Israel is Good for Ambazonia

Israel gained admission to the United Nations and was recognized by the

United States as soon as the United Nations General Assembly adopted UNGA

Resolution 181 of 11th May 1949. A total of 37 countries voted YES for Israel’s

independence; 12 countries voted NO and nine countries abstained. That

means that it is a total of 58 countries which participated in the vote granting

independence to Israel, being six countries fewer than voted YES for the

independence for Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia. We pray Congress to

act in a way that confirms that what is good for Israel is good for Ambazonia.

3. Ambazonia’s annexation predates its Independence Referendum

The annexation of Southern Cameroons occurred before our people voted in a

United Nations-supervised Independence Referendum on 11 February 1961.

Determined to annex Ambazonia, the Republic of Cameroon imposed its

Constitution of 21st December 1960 on our people way ahead of our

independence. It then voted not only against our independence but also against

the so-called “union” that the United Nations ended up imposing on our

Homeland. The annexation continued to be perfected when the Republic of

Cameroon imposed an illegal and unconstitutional referendum on 20th May

1972 to end the right of our people to self-government.

4. Decry atrocity crimes and genocidal violence

We implore the Congress to denounce, in the strongest terms, the war crimes,

atrocity crimes, crimes bordering on genocide and crimes against humanity

perpetrated since last November by the Republic of Cameroon (independent on

1st January 1960) in a war of annexation, recolonization and illegal military

occupation of Southern Cameroons (independent on 1st October 1961 and

renamed the Republic of Ambazonia on the occasion of the restoration of its

independence on 1st October 2017. We pray Congress to call for an immediate

and unconditional liberation of thousands of our people wrongly detained,

charged under a law on terror, unjustly condemned to long prison terms by a

military tribunal; as well as the unconditional liberation of thousands taken

hostage, abducted, deported to and held in prisons, dungeons and illegal

detention centers in neighboring Republic of Cameroon as well as the

unconditional liberation of Ambazonians leaders abducted in Nigeria on 5th

January 2018, “renditioned” to Cameroon and unjustly held incommunicado

ever since – without access to lawyers, their doctors or their families.

5. Give meaning to the “Never Again” Campaign

We plead with the Government of the United States to provide leadership in

implementing the “Never Again” pledge which world leaders made after it was

horrified by the Holocaust. That commitment was not upheld in the 1990s,

leading, unfortunately, to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. The genocidal violence

on Ambazonians by armed and security forces from the Republic of Cameroon

needs to be stopped before more people are unjustly slaughtered.

6. Uphold self-determination and help end Annexation

We appeal to the Congress to speak up in defense of the inalienable right of the

sovereign English-speaking people of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia to

self-determination; to peaceful and legal separation from the failed “union” of

the two Cameroons. The “union” envisaged was to be known as the Federal

Republic of the Cameroons – with an “S” – and has failed in a manner similar

to the defunct union between Senegal and The Gambia and the failed Union of

Soviet Socialist Republics. Additionally, we kindly request Congress to lead the

rest of the world in recognizing and upholding Ambazonia as a sovereign

nation, with a right to full Membership of the United Nations, and with

diplomatic relations with the U.S. and all other sovereign nations.

7. Debunk claims that the two Cameroons were always one

We plead with Congress to uphold the historical truth that the Cameroons are

not “one, and indivisible”, but “two, and perfectly divisible” former United

Nations Trusteeship Territories, each with a full right to independence under

International Law. Both trusteeship territories are equal in status. The two

have internationally recognized boundaries. The two are constituted by two

peoples, separate and distinct. Each of the two Nations obtained independence

separately; on different dates; and each in their own right. Below are more facts

about the “two and perfectly divisible” Cameroons:


1858-1887: The British “discovered” and colonized Ambazonia, naming the

territory Victoria, after the then Queen of England. The territory does not

include French-speaking Cameroon.

1888-1914: German colonizers took over the colony and renamed it “Neue

Kamerun” (New Cameroon or Kamerun, as it was written in German). German

Kamerun was vast. Its entire territory included not only Ambazonia, but also

all of present-day Chad, Central African Republic, Congo Republic, Equatorial

Guinea, Gabon, all of French-speaking Cameroon, and parts of Nigeria.

Claiming Ambazonia as a part of the Republic of Cameroon is a first step in an

expansionist agenda that the United States Congress must help stop.

1914-1953: The two Cameroons are League of Nations Mandated Territories

first before becoming United Nations Trusteeship Territory, with Southern

Cameroons administered as part of Nigeria.

1953-1961: Southern Cameroons breaks away from Nigeria to become

(effective 1954) a separate, self-governing British United Nations Trusteeship


1st January 1960: French-speaking Cameroon obtained independence from

France under the name “Republic of Cameroon” and within international

boundaries that did not include Ambazonia.

1st October 1961: Southern Cameroons is supposed to gain independence by

forming a “union” of two states, equal in status with French-speaking

Cameroon. Article 47 of the Constitution imposed on Southern Cameroons by

Colonial Republic of Cameroon bans the making of any law that infringes on

the nature of the federation.

1961 – 1972: The Federation of two states, equal in status, each with its

government is in effect, to some extent, until it is scrapped through an illegal

referendum held on 20th May 1972. The colonizer imposes a unitary state.

1984: French-speaking Cameroon reverts to its name at independence and

before the so-called “union of two states, equal in status”; leaving Ambazonians

with no choice than to recognize the colonial conquest and begin a resistance

that is still going on to this date.

1st October 2017: After numerous warnings about reverting to independence

(Option Zero), the Sovereign People of Ambazonia declare their independence

restored. Millions joined in peaceful street protests all across Ambazonia to

celebrate independence restored. This act from a sovereign people triggers the

ongoing war of recolonization against Ambazonia.

4th February 1984: The colonizer promulgated Restoration Law 84/001 of 4th

February 1984 effectively breaking up whatever “union” ever existed. By

reverting to its name prior to independence, the Republic of Cameroon left

Southern Cameroons – which was no junior partner in whatever “union” was

supposed to have been concluded - with no choice than to reciprocate.

8. Congress should denounce violations of international law

The Congress decry the ongoing annexation, illegal military occupation and the

colonial domination of Ambazonia by the Republic of Cameroon. The

expansionist policy of Cameroon in Ambazonia is in violation of Article 4(b) of

the African Union Constitutive Act on the sanctity of borders inherited from

colonization. It violates many United Nations Resolutions against colonization

and external domination of other people. It violates Articles 19-24 of the African

Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right. It violates the 2002 International Court

of Justice ruling on Bakassi ordering both Nigeria and the Republic of

Cameroon to withdraw to their borders inherited from colonization.

Additionally, Cameroon has refused to comply with the ruling handed down by

the African Court on Human and People’s Rights, recognizing Ambazonians as

a people different from the French-speaking people and recognizing their

inalienable right to self-determination.

9. Provide leadership in ending poorly veiled colonial arrangements

We appeal to the Congress to demonstrate its commitment to the rule of law by

upholding Article 76(b) of the United Nations Charter and United Nations

General Assembly Resolution 1541(XV) of 15th December 1960 affirming that

independence was the inherent and inalienable right of all colonies and Trust


10. Congress would not be the first to recognize Ambazonia

Under the legal system of the Republic of Cameroon, Ambazonia has already

been recognized as a separate and sovereign nation. On 18th May 1992, the

High Court in Bamenda (provincial headquarters of the Northern Zone of

Ambazonia) issued a historical ruling known as HCB/28.92 of 28 May 1992.

That ruling, which was handed down by a court set up by decree of the

colonizer; staffed by the colonizer and fully under the beck and call of the

annexationist president of the Republic of Cameroon, effectively recognized and

restored the sovereignty and statehood of the Republic of Ambazonia.

11. The United States should have listened to its own warnings

Alas, the United States did not listen to its own warnings. During the 896th

United Nations General Assembly on 6th October 1959, the Ambassador to the

United States to the United Nations, Clement J. Zabloiski, argued strongly for

outright independence for Southern Cameroons and against imposing any “union” on our people. “The results of a hurried choice imposed on the population of the Trust Territory would be catastrophic for their political future,” argued Zabloiski. His prophetic words have come to pass as the consequences have, indeed been “catastrophic.”

12. Former colonizer, Britain, did not listen to its own best advice

Two months before independence, Hon. G. M. Thompson (M.P. Dundee East)

forewarned the British House of Commons on 1st August 1961 of the

“extremely complex problems” that would arise by “bringing these two

countries together within one National State.” The British House of Commons

is debating Ambazonia recently, recognizing what an “extremely complex

problem” they saddled Ambazonians with by ignoring their own best advice.

13. There is no “union” between the two Cameroons

The terms of the Plebiscite Treaty between the two Cameroons were subverted

and have been long subverted. Had a “union” been ever formed between the

two Cameroons, it would have been duly signed and registered with the UN

General Secretariat (in keeping with Article 110 of the UN Charter).

14. An international conspiracy to annex Ambazonia

There is evidence that an international conspiracy to deny Ambazonia

international sovereignty has always existed. Nigeria struggled to absorb

Southern Cameroons as part of its territory until 1953 when Ambazonia broke

free to form a self-governing nation, effective from 1954. At United Nations

General Assembly session of 19th April 1961, chaired by Adam Pachachi (Iraq),

with Miss Silvia Shelton Vilallon (Cuba) as Vice Chair) and Eamon L. Kennedy

(Ireland) as Rapporteur, 50 countries, including the United States, voted YES

in favor of separate independence for Southern Cameroons. Only two countries

voted against and nine others abstained from voting. (See page 381 paragraph

110 of the official records of UN General Assembly-Fifteenth Session-Fourth

Committee of 19th April 1961). The Congress of the United States can

demonstrate its opposition to such a conspiracy.

15. A legal “union” does not foreclose an independent Ambazonia

Even if a “union treaty” existed, it would not be sufficient to prevent Ambazonia

from enjoying the international sovereignty it won through that vote of the

United Nations General Assembly on 21st April 1961. Ukraine, which reached a

union treaty with Russia, enjoyed the sovereign right of being represented at

the United Nations despite being a member state of the now defunct Union of

Soviet Socialist Republics. Even if there was a “Union Treaty”, it would not

have foreclosed the right of Ambazonians to pull out. The Gambia pulled out of

a union with Senegal. Eritrea broke out of the union with Ethiopia. South

Sudan is independent of Sudan. Timor Lester is a free country from Indonesian

domination. The Czech and Slovak republics were once in a union. Countries

like Estonia and Ukraine were once part of the now defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

16. Uphold peaceful separation

Peaceful separation is consistent with International Law, including the right to

self-determination, and Principles VII and VIII of United Nations General

Assembly Resolution 1541 of the 15th of December 1960 which uphold the

right of Southern Cameroons to separate.

17. Congress should lead negotiations and dismiss unworkable solutions

We appeal to Congress to become the first country to break with the many calls

for dialogue with the colonialists of Cameroon as well as for solutions that are

doomed to fail, including calls for federalism or confederation between the two

Cameroons. Our people would appreciate the Congress leading in the

convening, hosting, and facilitation of negotiations leading to peaceful

separation from the Republic of Cameroon. It is a role that Congress played in

the run-up to independence for South Sudan, Timor Lester, and others.

18. Let none put together what colonialism has put asunder

We appeal to Congress to recognize, from history, that those nations that

colonialism has put asunder, no conspiracy has forced into a “union”. The

Soviet Union failed for that reason. So, too, did Eritrea. Forcing this former

Italian colony into a union with Ethiopia led to decades of war, culminating in

independence for Eritrea. An attempt to forge a union between Englishspeaking

Gambia and neighboring French-speaking Senegal failed for the same

reason. Fifty-seven years of colonial relations between Ambazonia and

Cameroon should not prevent a bold, durable solution which is independence.

Forty-four years of association with Nigeria did not stop a breakaway in 1953.

Ukraine and Russia went their separate ways despite sharing over over 1,000

years of common history.

19. Insecurity in Ambazonia works against U.S. national interests

Situated in the Gulf of Guinea, Ambazonia is of significant economic, security,

political and trade interests to the United States. It lies on a major

international trade route and is believed to hold vast untapped mineral and gas

reserves of its own. Recognition of Ambazonia by the USA will create lasting

peace and a more stable Gulf of Guinea. It will also curb further radicalization

of the situation and lower the risks of both full scale civil war or genocide.

20. Stop violence, protect U.S. trade interests, national security

Global oil and gas supplies go through the Gulf of Guinea, including no less

than 4.8m barrels of oil a day from Equatorial Guinea (2m), Nigeria (1m),

Angola (1m), Congo (600,000), Cameroon (80,000), Chad (100,000).

21. Ambazonia will be as close to the USA as Israel has been

On 14th May 1948, U.S. President Truman recognized the new nation of Israel on the same day the head of the Jewish Agency, David Ben-Gurion, proclaimed its establishment. America can do the same for Ambazonia and build goodwill from our people who are already favorably disposed to America. What we know for sure is that Ambazonia will be a partner in counterterrorism, becoming a friend and ally of the USA in much the same way – if not more – than Israel. This should include the possibility of the USA establishing a permanent military presence in Ambazonia similar to the Camp Bondsteel military base the USA runs out of Kosovo and that might be needed for counterterrorism

work in the sub-region. Also, and despite the absence of detailed geopolitical maps, Southern Cameroons’ potential in untapped mineral and gas reserves is described as stunning.

22. Further radicalization can easily reverse counterterrorism gains

More radicalization of pro-independence groups in Ambazonia would spread

anarchy in the Gulf of Guinea sub-region. This has the potential to reverse

some of the very important counterterrorism gains that the USA has made

against Boko Haram (in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad); against incursions of

and presence of the Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony (in the Central

African Republic), etc.

23. Congress should stop diversion of resources to attack civilians

Photographic and video footage is all over social media showing armored

vehicles provided by the American taxpayer being diverted from the fight

against terror to the massacre of civilians in Ambazonia. Cameroon will not, on

its own, end such diversion. We, therefore, appeal to Congress to end financial,

logistical and military support to Cameroon’s colonial forces. We call, notably,

for an end of support to Cameroon’s elite “killer squadrons” within the Rapid

Intervention Brigade abbreviated BIR. The recent supply of CESNA fighter jets,

of other weapons and video of American marines training some of the

colonizer’s terrorist squads in Ambazonia’s Southern Zone, generate the same

kind of horror and fear that many denounced when the French provided

weapons to the regime that perpetrated the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

24. There is a risk that some other power could offer support

Once war breaks out – as is now the case in Ambazonia – it is usually only a

matter of time before some super power or some mercenary force offers military

and financial support to the parties to the conflict. It would not be in the

economic, geostrategic or national security interests of the United States if

Congress were to allow other countries (China or Russia, for example) to

become the go-to partners of any Ambazonians.

25. The USA has international treaty obligations to recognize Ambazonia

So long as Ambazonians continue to fight for independence and to the extent

that they have rejected Cameroonian nationality, they constitute a stateless

people. They are exactly in the same position where Israel was before the USA

worked so hard for the adoption of the Balfour Declaration. We believe that the

United States has the obligation to intervene under “the doctrine of collective

security” or The Atlantic Treaty under which Washington, DC, ended its

isolation during World War II and entered the war in order to prevent evil from

triumphing over justice. Such a calling beckons to the United States in

Ambazonia at this moment, as it did in Kosovo, Kuwait (during Desert Storm)

South Sudan and in Timor Lester, among others.

26. What is America did to King George Ambazonia must do to King Biya

Ambazonians have a lot of faith in America and have relied heavily on the

assumption that America will have their backs as they fight for freedom.

America’s struggle with independence has inspired Ambazonians and their

emulation of what America did places special obligation on Congress to work

with them. The United States cannot pride itself of having rejected King George

of England and yet expect the sovereign people of Ambazonia to accept abuse

from King Biya of the Republic of Cameroon. The USA proclaimed

independence, breaking away from Colonial Britain and rejecting the “one and

indivisible” British empire over which the sun never set. That is exactly what

Ambazonians are doing, by breaking away from the “one and indivisible” slave

house that the Republic of Cameroon seeks to hold them prisoners in.

27. There is no better midwife of new nations

The USA played the role of chief midwife in the birth of Israel and its

recognition; in the birth of Kosovo and its recognition; in the birth of Timor

Lester and its recognition; in the birth of South Sudan and its recognition; in

the birth of Eritrea and its recognition, etc. We would like to argue that the

time has come for America to attend to the birth of Ambazonia.

28. The cost of delaying intervention will be high

Delayed intervention in Eritrea’s War for Independence and in South Sudan’s

Independence War led to each of those countries losing one million lives. The

USA can stop carnage in Ambazonia by acting sooner rather than later. The

price is not only in blood, although it is the price in blood that must worry the

most. There is also a huge price in terms of the costs to American taxpayers.

The delay in intervening in South Sudan’s Independence War made the

humanitarian emergencies so expensive that by 2014, for example, the USA

was spending $1.2 billion in emergency relief. Swift action now can help avoid

such a catastrophic situation in Ambazonia.

29. A violent revolution has swallowed the once peaceful approach

An armed approach to restoring independence seems to have become the order

of the day. This could have been avoided. The demands since 1993-1994 were

for a federal system of government in line with the 1961 deal. Many believed in

federalism for some time. Alas, by making peaceful revolution impossible, King

Biya has ended up making violent revolution inevitable. Recent calls for

French-speaking citizens to evacuate English-speaking regions and vice versa

raise fears of widespread communal violence along linguistic lines.

30. Thanks to Congress for starting work on the Cameroons

On behalf of Ambazonians, please accept sincere thanks for meeting with us

and for the attention you have paid to our petitions so far. What we seek and

hope Congress can grant is action in support of the freedom and dignity that

our people seek, deserve and are ready to die for. Not freedom as granted by

the benevolence of tyrants and colonialists, but freedom and dignity as

deserved by every Sovereign People. We hope that the Cameroon Caucus in

Congress will recognize that its work needs to focus also on establishing an

Ambazonia Caucus, working diligently to seek a lasting solution, not just to

preserve a status quo that is clearly no longer tenable.

31. No Permanent Friends, Only Permanent Interests

In supporting the Balfour Declaration of 1917, President Franklin D. Roosevelt

insisted on reassuring that he will not act without taking all views into

account. In 1945, he reiterated the pledge, committing to consult both Jews

and Arabs before intervening. However, after Britain, which held the colonial

mandate for Palestine until 1948, opposed the creation of a Jewish state and

an Arab state, the U.S. Government broke with its traditional ally (Britain) in

favor of upholding independence for the People of Israel. That is what we

appeal to the Congress to do with respect to its ally, France.

32. Form Special Committee in Congress, and at UN

We appeal to the Congress to designate a team of American experts as well as

request that the United Nations create and staff a similar team to study “The

Ambazonia Problem”. We appeal to Congress to lead the negotiations between

the Republic of Cameroon and Ambazonia. We argue that for any negotiations

to be meaningful that they must include the right to self-determination and the

right to peaceful separation.

33. Reject annexation, federalism, decentralization, any union

Federalism – even on a two-state basis, as agreed to in 1961 – and/or

decentralization as outlined in the 1996 Constitution are unacceptable to

Ambazonians. Our people tried federalism before and it failed. We do not intend

to put ourselves through trying the same thing and expecting a different

outcome. Our people have very loudly and at great loss of life rejected any

continued association with a colonial system that has treated us like slaves

and a people conquered in war. A “one and indivisible Cameroon” can only be

possible at the expense of independence for Ambazonians. Congress should

decry any consideration of such a proposal, given the fact that recolonization is

a crime against humanity. It would only be right for Ambazonians to accept

annexation by Cameroon if the U.S. would demand of the people of Crimea to

accept federalism as part of Russia.

34. Independence is a matter for the sovereign people of Ambazonia

Independence for Ambazonia must be a matter solely for Ambazonians to

decide. Neither the United Nations, France, Britain nor the United States

should dictate a solution if this violates the Sovereign Will of Ambazonians.

Our forebears voted in a referendum in 1961, deciding – very cleverly - not only

to join, but most importantly and in advance of joining, to obtain independence

(first) by joining (second). By that act, the Sovereign People of Ambazonian

earned the full sovereign right to decide their destiny without babysitting from

a neighboring, colonial people. We urge Congress to recognize our right to

decide in all sovereignty.

35. Independence by joining violated the UN Charter

Besides, and as indicated earlier, “independence by joining” was a shameful

violation of Article 76(b) of the United Nations Charter and of the inherent and

inalienable right of all colonies and Trust Territories to independence (see,

UNGA Resolution 1541(XV) of 15th December 1960). It is time for our people’s

aspirations to be upheld and for the commitment given by the United Nations

to be honored.

36. Punish the colonialists

We call on Congress, the People and Government of the United States to deny

and/or revoke visas as well as impose travel bans on key members of

Cameroon’s ruling elite. We call on Congress to freeze any assets belonging to

them and their families in U.S. banks, other financial holdings as well as in

“retirement accounts” in other countries. Those targeted should include

members of President Biya’s Cabinet, his deputy ministers, other senior

government officials, members of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM

party, members of country’s Communication Council, senior police, security

and military officials as well as individuals and business or corporations and

their leaders who have bankrolled past and ongoing acts of repression and/or

are accessories to them.

37. Deploy UN Peacekeepers or Apply Second Amendment

We appeal to Congress and the U.S. Government to call for and support the

deployment of United Nations Peacekeepers between the Republic of Cameroon

and Ambazonia to help prevent another Rwanda-type genocide.

38. Uphold the right to self-defense

Given the massacres ongoing in Ambazonia, we also kindly call on Congress to apply the Second Amendment of the Constitution to Ambazonia. That amendment forbids any infringement on “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” needed in self-defense and defense of the sovereignty, freedom and dignity of our people. “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of

independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”


With very best regards,


Ms. Catherine Nformangum

Chair, Ambazonia Recognition Collaborative Council (ARCC)

1250 Connecticut Ave. NW,

Washington, DC 20036, USA


Dr. Lucas Cho Ayaba

Chair, Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC)

Marc Chebesi

Rep., Republic of Ambazonia Nationalists (RoAN)

Frida Mambo

Chair, Southern Cameroons Women’s Movement, SCWM

Mr. Edwin N. Ngang

Rep. Ambazonia People’s Restoration Movement (APERM)

Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga

Chair, Southern Cameroons Youth League, SCYL

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert

Spokesperson, Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons, MoRISC