This website is dedicated to the liberation of the (Federal) Republic of Ambazonia/Ambaland and the République du Cameroun from neo-colonialist occupation, exploitation, dictatorship, mal-governance and systemic corruption.  

This liberation builds on the people's will and right to defend themselves against state terrorism and neocolonialism, on the ability to teach everybody in the world about the historic truth and legal facts, and on the determination to clean up the whole region from corrupt "elites" by means of constitutional reform and regime change. The old generation of corrupted leaders and neo-colonial dependency laws shall be completely replaced by a young generation of competent, moral leaders, who install the new law of true independence.  

This replacement by all means can also be called a revolution, because the African step from neo-colonial subjugation to true, non-tribalist self-governance affords a lot of behavioral and educational change processes in the masses and the elites likewise. But since in the internet age the collective learning processes are highly accelerated, this revolution is certain to succeed. The French game to subjugate, divide and exploit the African peoples and to betray her own French Revolution in Africa is over, because the Africans are better educated now and cannot be fooled anymore. Yet, how long it will take to bring this revolution to victory is hard to tell, because in many cases it is hard to overcome mental slavery and lethargy. Nevertheless the Europeans, Americans and Asians are also waking up and increasingly understand that free, self-governing, happier African peoples bring less migrants, problems and dangers and instead more business chances and win-win-situations! 

Now, in order to push this extremely positive revolution further, the Ambazonians, the Camerounese and the world have to follow these 7 steps of collective acting:

  1. Raising global awareness about the fact that the root of the problems in Cameroon is France's neocolonialist exploitation of Cameroun and Ambazonia by means of the long term puppet dictator Paul Biya, who transfers most of the taxes and resource profits into Swiss bank accounts and rules in a catastrophic way by a system of repression, bribery, media censorship and putting the wrong people into high positions.

  2. Teaching everybody in the world about the historic and legal fact, that the socalled "Anglophone regions" in the west of the mainly French speaking Cameroon are illegally annexed by French Cameroun and were intentionally mal-governed by Biya's regime for decades, because there are still dependency treaties in place between Cameroon and France, and there is an assimilation policy of Françafrique which doesn't tolerate the Anglophone way of freedom, entrepreneurism and way of self-governing. The "Anglophones" are actually former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons, now called Ambazonia/Ambaland, whose UN-given autonomy was disrespected by French Cameroun. Therefore, Ambazonia has all the rights and in overwhelming majority also will to be a nation on its own and the world has to be taught that it's not a language or secession problem in Cameroon, but a case of legitimate restoration of original sovereignty. 

  3. Stopping Biya's ethnic cleansing in Ambazonia by increasing the global support of Ambazonia's legitimate self defense against Biya's many war crimes, and eventually bringing Biya and his whole cabinet and military leadership before the International Criminal Court. Biya never truly won any democratic election, he rigged them all massively. In contrary to his outlook as a nice uncle he is one of the worst dictators the world has ever seen, doing a continuous ruining of both nations on all fields: economic, political, moral, cultural bankruptcy. He is grilling the peoples alive.  

  4. Ending the illegal occupation of Ambazonia by Cameroun by enforcing UN-Resolution 1608 (XV) of 21 April 1961 which endorsed the decision of the people of Ambazonia (former Southern Cameroons) to achieve independence. The revolution has to focus on the liberation of Ambazonia first, because the Ambazonians are less assimilated to Françafrique and more determined to break out from neo-colonialism than the French Camerounese. The more the pioneer Ambazonia succeeds the more French Cameroun will wake up too and follow. 

  5. Constitutional reform: Ambazonia still has got an outdated British-knit, neo-colonial constitution and Cameroun still has got an outdated French-knit, neo-colonial constitution. Both countries need completely new, modern, democratic constitutions which eradicate the neo-colonial dependencies and corruption systems. All people in Ambazonia and Cameroun need to see and learn the quality difference between the old and the new constitutions (which are downloadable here, see pdfs in menu "2 New Constitutions").  

  6. Merging the Ambazonian and Camerounese anti-Biya- and anti-Françafrique-movements to a parallel progressive, anti-corruption-, anti-tyranny-, anti-neocolonialism activism collaboration which earns the respect by all the liberation groups and reform movements in whole Africa and the world and which will build up strong Ambazonian and Camerounese Defense Forces, which will effectively prevent all future neo-colonial occupation and exploitation. 

  7. Getting Ambazonia and Cameroun recognized as two sovereign nations by any foreign country and eventually by the AU, EU, US and UN.

This website has several pages, which you reach in the menu above, but if you are a novice to the case, we recommend to read the introductory texts and pdfs below here first!


Click on the following pdf also to get a first overview of the history of Ambazonia's way from colonization to independence!

What’s the difference between Cameroon, Cameroons and Cameroun?

Cameroon is a present state in Central Africa which has a dictatorial, neo-colonialist government which says that Cameroon consists of 25% Anglophones in the west and 75% Francophones in the east, but that is not true, because the 25% “Anglophones” are actually a unique people called Ambazonians or Ambalanders, who were formerly called British Southern Cameroonians and were and are still illegally occupied by French Cameroun, which is the eastern, Francophone part of Cameroon. The socalled Union between the British and French parts was never ratified and the overwhelming majority of Anglophone Ambazonians don’t want that union, because they were always mal-governed and exploited by the French Camerounese and treated as second class citizens. .


Cameroons was actually the former UN Trust Territory of British Northern and Southern Cameroons, of which the UN declared the Southern Cameroons a sovereign state by vote 64 to 23 in April 1961. Since 1984 it is called Ambazonia / Ambaland, but French Cameroun doesn’t recognize the name Ambazonia and her sovereignty. Northern Cameroons was integrated into Nigeria in 1961.


Cameroun is just the French spelling of the word Cameroon in the eyes of the present regime in Cameroon, but for the Ambazonians / Ambalanders “Cameroun” is the territory in which the French Camerounese live (east of the mungo River). Ambazonia is not part of that territory. The Ambazonians live west of the Mungo river. The international boundary between Anglophone Ambazonia and Francophone Cameroun was clearly defined by the British in 1930.  

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What’s the root of the present "crisis" in Cameroon and how to unroot it?  

The exploitative neocolonialism under the long term puppet dicatator on the mercy of France Paul Biya and under previous dictator Ahijo since the declaration of independence of Cameroon 1960 has proven that France is not willing to let the many peoples and tribes in Cameroon govern themselves as they want and as they could. France did not let Cameroon step into real independence till today; that is not only visible in Biya’s favorism of French and Swiss companies, but also in many more or less secret treaties between Cameroon and France, which keep Cameroon’s currency reserves in Paris and French military in Cameroon for example, and additionally visible in the illegal way French Cameroun had annexed the former British Southern Cameroons since 1972 and mal-treated and exploited the mainly Anglophone population there ever since. France and Biya have failed to bring any good in Cameroon; they ran the country down. They sucked the country out, corrupted it totally from top to bottom, transferred resource profits and taxes into foreign accounts and destroyed already existing infrastructure rather than building anything mentionworthy up. The widespread prejudice that the character and mentality of the many peoples in Cameroon would be corrupt by nature and therefore they would “need” European colonizers is WRONG; these peoples are highly intelligent and have perfect social functioning in their communities, but France and Biya deliberately destroyed any adequate federalism, decentralization and self-governance from the start by a centralist unionism and consequent divide & conquer policies mong the regions and chiefs, which put the most incompetent or unmatching bureaucrats in positions of power to overrule all reasonable approaches from the local people who knew best how to solve problems. Biya’s regime can be compared to Stalin’s and Hitler’s dictatorship not only since he declared war on the Anglophone Ambazonians in 2017 and answered civil protest with war crimes. He was never elected in fair, democratic, unmanipulated elections, and after he should have retreated according to the constitutional two-term-limit and his additional lost elections of 1992, he used the military and bribe money from France to manipulate the constitution and stayed in power this way until now, leaving a catastrophic legacy for the country and for Africa with countless political prisoners, thousands of abducted and killed ones, hundreds of burnt villages, hundreds of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people and a stone-age infrastructure in which hospitals have no running water and most roads are not tarred. A country in total disorder and disarray, where everything runs by bribe and is ruled by the most incompetent and bribable ones. Under the ruthless concept of Françafrique to which Biya is the perfect puppet the blessing of great richness in natural resources of Cameroon has turned into a curse.


So the first thing any person who hears about the “crisis in Cameroon” and who thinks about ways and means to solve this crisis should learn is: there is no solving of the crisis if you don’t tackle the problem at its root: French neo-colonialism in which other nations like China, America, India are participating and profiting.


The second thing to learn for every non-African who wonders, why the people in this region of the world seem to be so notoriously underdeveloped, problem-stricken and tumultuous, is that they are neither unable nor unwilling to govern themselves better than the French neo-colonialists, but they are victims of a deliberate conspiracy of big political powers to exploit that region for profit and to regard the people there as expendable.


The third thing to learn for everybody is that especially the Anglophone Ambazonians between Cameroon and Nigeria, who are illegally occupied by Cameroon because they are actually independent from Cameroon since the UN voted for the recognition of the sovereignty of Southern Cameroons in 1960 by 64 to 23 votes, are so fed up with this conspiracy and so tired of being endlessly exploited and now ready to fight, that any hopes that this crisis can be still amicably solved without fundamentally changing the system in French Cameroun are in vain. The more Biya and Françafrique want to keep the Ambazonian cry for freedom and self-governance down by military force and oppression the more that cry and adherent resistance action become louder and stronger. The New Africa in the internet age has risen which will throw these bad neocolonialist policies and their inhumane disregard for the peoples living in this region over board rather sooner than later.

The "crisis" in Cameroon can only be solved by ending the neocolonialist resource robbery and its puppet Biya regime and by re-establishing the once independent 2 nations Anglophone Ambazonia and Francophone Cameroun.   


Yet, France is still a big player in the EU, UN and AU and she is not willing to let her resource treasure troves Cameroun and Ambazonia go without the use of force and enormous political pressure. The octopus France in Africa has proven for decades that she is willing to rather slaughter Africans by the millions like for example in the Congo or Rwanda than to let go. Even the new young French president cannot change that cruel habit overnight, since it’s French corporations, French military intelligence and Swiss banks which have the say, not African politicians. But France as a notorious, recalcitrant neo-colonizer is militarily engaged in too many African countries and would be overwhelmed if millions of Ambazonians and Camerounese would stand up to claim their rights by force and by an international media hurricane which would tell the truth. Also the big Anglophone neighbor Nigeria is not really controllable by Britain and indirectly by France anymore; the regional complexity and resilience of the increasingly politically educated African elite will succeed to look through any neo-colonialists power play and cross it. So whatever political structure Cameroon will have in the future, it will not be ruled by France or America or China in the same way anymore but more and more by the authentic peoples who live at that place and rightfully own that land. Because they are more in numbers, because they are Africans in Africa, who know their lands, needs, terrain, and abilities better than foreigners and because neo-colonialism is too ruthless to be undetected and unattacked by a world majority’ who wants to live in a fair manner. Ambaland is likely to become one of the hot spots in Africa, where the revolution of self-governance and educated well-governance will trigger better development than ever before. The neocolonizers France etc better strike a deal now “we let you self-govern and you let us keep some facilities” than too late, when the Africans will reconquer their lands by force and throw the neocolonizers out completely.


Ambazonia / Ambaland is different from the Biafrans in Nigeria. The Republic of Ambazonia was already declared independent by the UN in April 1961 when it was still called “Southern Cameroons”, and now it is mainly only about the liberation from the illegal annexation and occupation by French Camneroun’s troops anymore. All it would take for the big powers to give Ambazonia back its already given sovereignty and remove Biya’s occupation troops from the territory of Ambazonia would be to make France and/or the AU and UN whistle Biya back. But it’s still not happening, because the UN and AU do not want to mess with the power play of France in Africa and with old “deals” between Britain and France from colonial times. So the Ambazonians / Ambalanders had to take the fight for their full sovereignty into their own hands and they are fighting presently, courageous as they are, against all odds asnd internal division.


The Ambazonians (or “Anglophone Camerounese” as dictator Biya calls them), about 8 million people (1+ million in diaspora worldwide), are NOT SECESSIONISTS (as Biya and French media calls them)  but they are a legitimate, unique, sovereign, own people with a state, which has got all the justification in the world to be independent from the French octopus! And their freedom would not even be any disadvantage for French Cameroun and the Francophones living there, because they would only profit from that freedom and boom in the longer run, because a strong Ambazonia can only help them to liberate themselves from French neo-colonialist resource robbery and top-down corruption as well. The Francophone Camerounese are just too deeply entrenched in the French assimilation policy which destroyed their original identity and culture more than they did with the Anglophones, in order to start the liberation themselves first.


Many unionists in Cameroon and worldwide are skeptical about the establishment of an independent Republic of Ambazonia / Ambaland and they say: “Francophones and Anglophones have lived too long together to be separated again. They are brothers and sisters and basically the same people. We only need to dialogue better and to address the root cause of the problems! Cameroon is one and indivisible! Let’s stay together and live in peace!” But the Ambazonians say: “You Francophones under the Biya regime mal-treated, marginalized and robbed us for 56 years and you lost all your original cutlture and identity and now you want to force that lost identity and Francophonization and corrupt French bureaucracy and neocolonialism on us. With unelected dictators who are committing one war crime after the other on us and who torture thousands of our citizens we don’t want to dialogue anymore. We tried for decades, it was useless. Your notorious mal=governance and slave mentality towards France is the root of the problem! We are fighting for our freedom now until we can tell French Cameroun an ultimatum to leave instantly and stay a bit in business with us or to leave after big blood loss! Cameroon is as divisible as England and Ireland, India and Bangla-Desh, Germany and Austria, Russia and Belarus, USA and Canada etc. etc.!”


And every citizen in the world with knowledge about international law and UN principles of humanity has to agree that dialogue with dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Biya is useless. During rape any bystanding police is not “dialogueing” with the rapist as an equal partner, police is instantly enforcing the separation. That’s why the present hypocritic proposal by the UN or EU or US that in Cameroon “all parties should go back to the dialogue table” has to be rejected and replaced by the insisting on the pre-fulfilling of the principles of humanity and international law first: immediate stop of war-crimes, illegal occupation, dictatorship, corruption and so on and only then we can dialogue. And after all, Biya is not a president; he was never elected, he is a war-criminal and constitution violator who belongs to prison.  


So what is the priority list for solving the “crisis” in Cameroon, which is actually a declared war by an aggressor named French Cameroun on an innocent, peaceful, lovely people and political victim named Ambazonia?


  • Preventing of genocide by ordering Biya’s troops out of Ambazonia

  • Replacing the French media lies about Ambazonia / Cameroun by truth & facts in global and social media

  • Admonishing France, UN, AU, EU and US to forbid Biya to misuse weapons meant for the fight against Boko Haram now against "his own" population

  • Admonishing Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon to release abducted and incarcerated Ambazonian leaders and civilians

  • Financing and equipping Ambazonia’s Homeland Security Forces

  • Giving the Ambazonian refugees and victims humanitarian support

  • Bringing all war criminals before International Court

  • Sending a list of Biya's violations of the African Charters of Democracy, Elections and Governance to all members of the African Union and demanding the suing of the whole Biya Regime before the Court of Justice of the African Union 

  • Removing all Camerounese politicians from the Ambazonian system and all Ambazonian politicians from the Camerounese system

  • After ending the military conflict calling for referenda and elections in Ambazonia and French Cameroun separately and let them be supervised by international neutral observers

  • Replacing the old neo-colonialist constitutions in both countries by new, modern, democratic, anti-colonial, anti-corruption ones

  • Promoting the international recognition of Ambazonia as an independent nation and state with a seat at the UN and redrawing the borders of Cameroon as identical with French Cameroun and the British definition of the boundaries between Cameroun and Cameroons from the year 1930

  • Opening Ambazonian embassies all over the world to organize diplomacy, travel and passports

  • France shall give back Ambazonia’s and Cameroun’s currency reserves, stop neocolonialist exploitation and support economic rebuild of both countries

  • Replacing Françafrique by the European Marshall Plan With Africa (downloadable on EU website) and the African Mandela Plan With The World (still to be drafted)

  • Decorrupting the African Union and finding a peaceful solution for all of Africa the African way by Africans for Africans


Nevertheless the obstacles for reaching all this are high and manifold and one major obstacle is internal division among Ambazonian groups, which needs to be overcome. The opinion differences about the right approach towards the restoration of independence and about which type of future political system shall rule in Ambazonia are big, but the deepening existential crisis, suffering and struggle for the mere survival are also forging together. Approximtely 80% of all Ambazonians are pro independence. Another big problem is the financing of the self-defense against the aggressor and occupier. No major ally or sponsor in sight so far. The USA spoke more critically to the Biya regime recently, but basically the USA   are still fighting side by side with France and French Cameroun against Islamic terrorism in Africa, and Russia isn’t so involved in Africa anymore and struggles for survival herself and China doesn’t care about African interests as long as she can get the resources she wants. And inside Cameroon by tendency all those who are rich and good support the Ambazonian self-defense have become rich by joining La Regime. So it’s truly difficult to make all Ambazonians in their extreme ethnic diversity of some 80 tribes pull on one rope effectively all in the same direction together. Despite of that the unity among the guerilla groups of Ambazonia on “ground zero” to have only one common enemy is strong and it looks the more they are winning against a lousy, unmotivated, fearful and war-criminal Camerounese army the more they can overcome the divisionists. It is likely that eventually the Ambazonian Security Forces will defeat the Camerounese occupier on Ambazonian territory, because the Ambazonians know for what they are fighting, it’s for their very life and a good cause, whereas the occupying forces of Cameroon fight for money and for a neocolonizer who is even hated by many Francophones. Ambazonia is on the right side of history and Biya on the wrong side, because the NEW AFRICA is here, which does not mess around anymore with all that systemic robbery nonsense.


Apart from fighting her way to victory Ambazonia needs also to refine her international diplomacy and for that a deeper knowledge of the history of ‘Southern Cameroons” and La “Republique” du Cameroun is required, please read the following chapters and watch the following educative lessons and docu-videos for the basic overview:  (AMBAZONIA CALLING - Senior Journalist Ntumfoyn Herbert BOH, producer of "AMBAZONIA CALLING" on (Understanding Cameroon's Crisis of Governance – Christopher Fomunyoh) (Professor Patrice Nganang Speaks Revolution of Ambazonia)  (Prof. Anyangwe presents a short and brief history of Southern Cameroons)  (HRH Fon Fongum Gorji Dinka reveals how Ambazonia was illegally occupied)  (The future of Southern Cameroons: Another failed state? by Atam Millan)  (The French African Connection parts 1/2/3) (Françafrique : Plus de 50 ans sous le sceau du secret. Peuple Congolais ouvrons nos yeux.) (CAMEROON : the federalism will never be positive) (Hon Wirba Defends Cameroon's Anglophone Minority in National Assembly) 

Another overview of the "Anglophone Crisis" was given by Mr. Efi Tembon before the US Congress in June 2018, click on the following pdf: 

What most people don’t know about the constitutional sovereignty of Ambazonia (former British Southern Cameroons) and its many violations by French Cameroun because the international media is parroting Camerounese censored state media


    The State, Nation and Republic of Ambazonia / Ambaland (former British Southern Cameroons) …


  • … has the same boundaries as the former British “Southern Cameroons” and is a sovereign, but still illegally occupied and colonized country in West Central Africa between Cameroon and Nigeria, which has got its own constitution since 1958 and  presently faces genocide committed by the never democratically elected dictator of Cameroon Paul Biya, who is a puppet dictator for France and not a president but a criminal mafiosi, who manipulated election results, violated the constitution, human rights and international law on a daily basis and whose basic job is to rob resources from Ambazonia and Cameroun into foreign accounts

  • … is named Ambazonia or Ambaland after the many (Am)”Ba” peoples living there and the Ambaz Bay at their coastline (has nothing to do with the Amazon river in South America),

  • … has got a mainly Anglophone population who doesn’t want to be governed by the foreign French Camerounese anymore, not because they are Francophones, but because the brutal regime of the francophil dictator Paul Biya misused Ambazonia as a buffer zone to Nigeria and therefore intentionally malgoverned and exploited Ambazonia for decades and systematically destroyed their industries and infrastructure out of his irrational hatred for the Anglophones and out of greed,

  • … is an ethnically very diverse country with some 80 tribes which speak different native languages but altogether the same English and Pidgin English and who identify in overwhelming majority as Ambazonians or Ambalanders and advocate to peace, democracy, mostly to Christianity and self-governance under a modern, democratic constitution, which is distinctly different from the French Camerounese constitution, which is basically a neocolonial farce,

  • … is the UN-official follower state of the former UN Trust Territory of British “Southern Cameroons” since the Bamenda High Court decision of 1992 and has got the same geographic territory (Bamenda is the biggest city in Ambazonia),

  • … has got roughly 8 million citizens who are mainly Anglophones and Christians, of whom an estimated 6 million reside inside former “Southern Cameroons” and 2 million have fled into exile worldwide, who are called now the “Ambazonian Diaspora”, but the exact numbers have never been counted yet 

  • … was recognized as a sovereign state by the UN in 1961 in a vote 64 yes and 23 no,

  • … was tricked into a union with French Cameroun in 1961 by the British, who sold “Southern Cameroons” to French Cameroun for money (gift of the Queen to Charles de Gaulle) and by pushing the people into a referendum under false pretext, which made them believe they would stay autonomous under the French, which was not the case immediately thereafter, because French Cameroun broke that promise,

  • … stepped finally out of this unratified “union” 1984, when the parliament of “Cameroon” declared it as ended and illegal, 

  • … was nevertheless continuously annexed, mal-governed and exploited by the dictatorial regime of “La République du Cameroun” from 1972 until now,

  • … has to defend itself since Oct 1st 2017 against genocide committed by the military and gendarmerie of the illegitimate dictator Paul Biya who was never elected by the people in fair, unmanipulated elections, but instead continuously backed by French freemasons and corporations and Swiss banks since 1982, for purpose of guaranteeing neocolonial exploitation,

  • … could not liberate itself from the illegal occupation by Biya’s forces so far, because neither the UN nor any other major power dared to question France’s and Switzerland’s profitable friendship with Biya and because the world is on average too careless about the rights and needs of the many peoples in “Sub-Sahara Africa” in order to distinguish between the victims and the perpetrators in Françafrique’s system of corruption & exploitation and to give the many victims military aid against the few superrich perpetrators,  

  • … knows that the French hegemony tries to push Ambazonia into the corner of radicals, rioters, extremists, terrorists, but can prove that this is not the case, instead it is documented very well, that Paul Biya is the human rights violator, terrorist, extremist, who started the violence first and cares nothing about international norms or law or justice,

  • … has its independence movements and political parties presently focused on international bailiff action and getting both means for homeland defense and homeland relief for the refugees and many maimed victims of the Biya regime,

  • … struggles with the widespread misperception of Europeans that both the victims and the perpetrators of the Biya regime would be corrupt and unable to self-govern well, which is absolutely not true,

  • …. has got at least 160000 UN-confirmed refugees in Nigeria now and many more displaced persons whose houses or farm crops have been burnt down by Biya’s troops (documented on video),

  • … had been colonized by the Portuguese, British, Germans, French and now Camerounese, but also have a long pre-colonial history, which proves they are a unique people mostly different from the Camerounese,

  • … has suffered continuous malgovernance, marginalization, exploitation, infrastructure dismantling and even ethnic cleansing under two French Camerounese dictator regimes Ahijo and Biya since the 60s and could not defend themselves from that sufficiently because Françafrique did not only not allow them any own military but also no truly own regional and local self-governance as promised in their “decentralization programme”, this program was all bogus,  

  • … is not willing anymore to accept the regime of a ruthless dictator, who was never elected in fair, democratic and unmanipulated elections, as a dialogue partner as many foreign powers continue to propose, nd is demanding from the international community to stop to accept him as any legitimate head of state,

  • … has asked the African Union for help many times in vain, because the AU is corrupted by many dictators and France,

  • … is willing to fight side by side with America and Europe against terrorists, but is tired of being terrorized by Biya’s weapons, which he bought from USA and China, while he himself lives lavishly in Geneva in Hotel Intercontinental half of the year with a huge entourage paid by Ambazonian tax money and oil profits stolen from Ambazonian soil,

  • … got 11 of her leaders and abducted on Jan 5th 2018 from a meeting in the Nigerian capital by unknown militaires (who were most likely Nigerian and Camerounese secret services in a joint operation) without getting any info about their fate, whereabouts or legal accusation,

  • … is presently building up her own Ambazonian Security Forces according to the internationally acknowledged human right of self-defense against war-crimes and terrorism, but the French Camerounese media paints the Ambazonians as terrorists and the international media shows the tendency to repeat this propaganda like parrots and so far hardly anybody who is calling himself a serious journalist distinguishes between victims and perpetrators when it comes to Cameroon.  

What the Ambazonians, the Camerounese and the international community should take to their heart to prevent genocide, deescalate the situation and move towards a lasting solution


Taking all of the above written into account it baffles every reasonable mind how the international community can still allow such an old, incompetent, criminal, corrupted, non-bilingual, non-goodwilling dictator in power in Cameroon. Paul Biya must have real good friends not only in France or Switzerland or Israel, who are glad about the money he robbed from the Cameroonians and take care of his security to enjoy further business priviledges. Some sources say ex-Mossad guys protect Biya. It's time for the US to whistle these guys back then to that pretty unholy land called Israel. And although the UN, EU, US and AU know very vell about the illegality of the annexation of former Southern Cameroons by French Cameroun, they are astoundingly unengaged for Ambazonia or at least for a regime change in the neocolony of France called Cameroon. Yet, Paul Biya and the international community cannot be blamed for everything. There is also widespread crookedness and bribability a given fact in almost all government positions in both Cameroun and Ambazonia and the collective pulling of the population on one string into the direction of decorruption is blocked by a deep-sitting tribalism among some 240 tribes there. Nevertheless it is a big error of non-Africans who are not familiar with the African way of life and managing with politics to assume that all people in this region of the world would be easily corruptible. In the social fabric of the local communities and tribes the non-bribability when it comes to the protection of own family, clan, tribe or region is also a given fact; it is just that the identification with the historically relatively new, post-colonial, national political system is not deep yet and so the loyalty towards the state is rarely standing above the loyalty towards the tribe or family. It is very problematic when Europeans say the corruption index in “Sub-Sahara-Africa” is higher than in Europe, because in the Northern Hemisphere you also have the danger of nuclear war and a widespread disappearance of social stronghold in families or “tribes”, not to mention the overpowering of the political system by the banking and media system nowadays. So although it may be true that Africa is not as developed as Europe, America, Asia in some technological or infrastructure aspects, it is neither fair nor truly correct to conclude that the Africans would be more corrupt and therefore neo-colonialism from any side would be necessary. The Africans are willing and able to govern themselves well and they would immediately do it, if only the octopus of neo-colonialist exploitation, military occupation and puppet regime implementation would disappear. But this ain’t going to happen so soon despite all political and educational awakening in Africa, because the corporations from non-Africa who enjoy incredible profits out of the exploitation of Africa’s resources will do what they can to buy themselves favorable politicians and paramilitary security forces. Therefore the only chance a small but rich country like Ambazonia has to liberate herself from all that evil is to mobilize her masses and sharpen their best of the best to lead a liberation fight which does not make any foul compromise with the occupiers anymore. This fight has to say from the start: we make a clear cut with all neo-colonialist oppressors and exploiters now and will not rest until a big clean-up of whole Cameroon has taken place which will comprise a complete regime change, a constitution change and two-state-solution Ambazonia and Cameroun, because Cameroun has cut too many and too deep wounds into Ambazonia in order for them to ever go into a federation again. The Anglophone and Francophone styles of political organization, entrepreneurism and law are also too different to work well together when pressed into one and the same state. Canada may be an exception, but that was reached after bitter wars and Africa cannot afford these kind of wars now.  


So in the whole struggle for a good, lasting, peaceful solution in the geographical region which is now called “Cameroon” but which is historically meant to get rid of all colonial names and ways of rulings, for example as Ambazonia and Sanagia in the future, everybody, be it native Africans from there or anybody from anywhere, is well advised to support the liberation of all “Cameroonians” from any type of neo-colonialism, be it from the French, British, German, American, Chinese, Camerounian or Nigerian side, and allow them to govern themselves as they want and to own the lands and resources on which they live. Only this creates lasting peace.


This support includes the natural, God-given human right of self-defense against all terrorism or war-crimes like genocide, and because the Biya regime is doing exactly that to the Ambazonians right now, the international community has to send the strongest possible signals to Biya, to the Camneroonian government and to all countries who back up this government, to stop that immediately, to get the system of Cameroon radically reformed and to give Ambazonia the means to protect her citizens and to rebuild a functioning state. And as long as the international community is not doing enough into this direction, both the Ambazonians and the Camerounese have the moral obligation to mobilize the whole population against that vicious Biya-Françafrique-system. And as long as the Francophone population in Cameroon is not doing that because they are too brainwashed by the censored media and too assimiliated to the slave master, the Anglophone population, namely the Ambazonians or Ambalanders, have to fight their revolution towards true freedom from neo-colonialism through first and be the pioneers of change. They have a good chance to defeat the occupying troops of “La Regime” on the territory of Ambazonia, because their bush guerilla knows the terrain much better and their foot soldiers know for what they are fighting for whereas the mercenaries of Biya just fight for money and their indoctrination about a “glorious and indivisible Cameroon under the great leader Biya” is crumbling because its less and less convincing. The cleptocracy of Biya and his generals goes even so far to leave their own foot soldiers hungry and without adequate medical treatment.


Nevertheless the buildup of an efficient Ambazonian Self Defense is very difficult, when there is no bigger power as sponsor yet and when the Ambazonian diaspora is too divided into political factions which each try to grab the power and consume the most raised funds. Until 2017 the scope of opinions among these many factions about the ultimate political goal for Ambazonia aka “Southern Cameroons” was still wide, because many couldn’t believe that it may be possible to actually defeat the occupier and therefore the favorism for various degrees of compromises with “La Regime” prevailed. Only since the occupier is committing more and more war crimes and burning more and more villages and even roast people alive and putting the whole population of Ambazonia into fear and terror during 2018, the general conviction to go for full independence and full war against the enemy is becoming predominant in all Ambazonian groups. Never enslaved and francophonized and massacred again! Yet from mere willingness to ableness is always a big step and Biya’s agents try hard to sow seeds of division between the Ambazonians by bribing chiefs to betray the Ambazonian guerilla. Also many Ambazonians are still trying to seek amicable solutions by forms of dialogue or negotiations rather than by setting ultimatums. So despite the immense suffering of the Ambazonians and having all good arguments on their side the buildup of the Ambazonian Homeland Defense to a size and quality which is sufficient to kick the occupier out is going too slow for being sure that genocide can be prevented. Because if it would go faster, then Biya’s occupation troops would not even dare to attack anymore and that would bring everybody closer to a peaceful solution. One key factor in the liberation fight is the support by neighbor Nigeria. Officially the government of Nigeria is not providing safehavens for Ambazonian training camps, but inofficially everything is possible for money in Nigeria. So the prime question for Ambazonia is fundraising and then effective finance control so that the funds do actually reach the footsoldiers and equipment organizers. The second key factor is the global info campaign about the truth in Cameroon and Ambazonia which should achieve that the majority of journalists, parliamentarians and organizations in the world do not believe the lying French (Camerounese) media narratives anymore and they start distinguishing between the attacking aggressor (Cameroun), who started violence abroad first, and the defending victim (Ambazonia), who stays in the homeland. And the third key factor is that the Ambazonians show to the world that they are not only thinking about themselves and short term but also for the harmony in the whole area of Nigeria, Ambazonia, Cameroun long term becoming beneficial for all of Africa by offering good proposals for new modern, democratic, anti-neocolonial, anti-corruption constitution drafts for both states each: Ambazonia and Cameroun (Sanagia?). The world has to see that the Ambazonians are not troublemakers but peacemakers with the will to wish also good and positive reform for their neighbors. And this reform shall not eradicate all traditional regional and local uniqueness in culture and ways of self-governance either, but allow a kind of African-type federalism in each of the states Ambazonia and Cameroun (Sanagia) independently, so that everything which can be self-governed locally shall be governed locally (for example way of architecture, culture, protection of regional markets) and everything which should be standardized nationwide should be governed federally (for example transport system, health care system, defense), each in two nations.  


Africa and especially Cameroon need to find a reasonable solution between traditional regionalism and modern globalism, which doesn’t allow anymore to be corrupted by either side. Cameroon needs to establish a new status quo of self-governance accompanied by a much stricter finance control system and a much higher developed infrastructure. And for that it is necessary for all non-Africans to understand that the present form of corruption under dictator Biya is an imported form of corruption by the French rule which played the game of divide & rule for decades and now the Cameroonians and Ambazonians need to unlearn their habits of managing with that systemic corruption and find trust again in a new system of integrity which has got also power elites of integrity who can be easily impeached and fired as soon as they do wrong. Everything depends on the exchange of corrupt leadership by trustworthy, ungreedy leadership and the reliability of the effective removal or punishment of violators of the new rules. For that it needs political education of the masses, but also more self-confidence of regional cultures.      


For now, the most urgent thing is that Ambazonia builds up her defense capabilities against the illegal aggression of the occupying forces of dictator Paul Biya and/or France and by principle against any other potential neo-colonizer in the future. This most beautiful and rich country Ambaland also needs to intensify all her diplomatic efforts with any anti-Françafrique power and organization in the world, in order to get big time financial, military, political and legal support. Everything Ambazonia does shall be completely inside the frame of international law. In principle, Ambazonia shall make LRC withdraw by means of deterrence and diplomacy rather than by triggering a spiral of violence with France. France does not want to look like the massacreur of good, innocent people in international media, that is a leverage Ambazonia can put a grip on, but it requires that the Ambazonians make it far more wellknown in international media what’s really going on in Cameroon and Ambazonia and how much France corrupted and exploited the place while never building anything up. For example the railway system in Cameroon is run by the French company Bolore and after a train accident in 2017 with some 80 deaths Bolore did nothing for the victims or to modernize the rails. Since France is also doing a lot to split the Ambazonian factions, a Southern Sudan scenario of endless infighting must be avoided at any cost. So all pro-independence revolutionary groups, parties, leaders and the Ambazonian Interim Government and Restoration Collaboration Council have to optimize their internal unity, cooperation, guerilla coordination, funding, public messaging synchronizing and operational functioning. The ethnically very diverse Ambazonians have to speak more with one voice and pull like one man on the same string into the same direction towards a reasonable long term two-state solution for whole Cameroon, so that the likeliness that a big power or investor will trust enough in the reliability that Ambazonian leaders are financing and fighting the fight until the Ambazonians regain the control over their territory and establish reasonable political-economic conditions as much as the Francophones in Cameroun also get rid of “La Regime” and come to true democracy. To achieve military victory over France & French Cameroun is not that difficult, if the Ambazonians coordinate themselves well, because they know what they are fighting for and the enemy doesn’t, but after victory the prevention of the repeated sellout of the own land to foreign corporations is another big task. So one step after the other. As long as the Ambazonian factions are not in overwhelming majority on the same page concerning homeland defense and new constitution, Biya’s occupying troops will not move out one millimeter. First the goal is to reach Buea and hoist the Ambazonian flag on the government building, organize the first national assembly of interim groups and leaders who prepare elections, candidacy conditions, referendum and ratification of the new constitution. Later, as soon as French Cameroun has reformed herself in the post-Biya-era too, then Ambazonia may or may not make some kind of “brother-and-sister”-agreement with “Sanagia” in form of mutually beneficial treaties. 


But how to defeat thousands of soldiers and mercenaries of Biya and “superpower” France when the own military is still so small and all the world around seems to ignore the Ambazonians?


By improving the internal fundraising among all Ambazonians and by sending secret diplomatic missions to potential investors and powers and showing them a convincing economic plan, the legal constitutional framework, and the type of reformed government Ambazonia and Cameroun shall each have independently, which also shall be able to fight corruption much better from the start and by convincing the investors that under the free Ambazonia fair deals will lead to a win-win for every side. Ambazonias still have to make much more wind about themselves and their capabilities on all media channels worldwide and to weld a global alliance against the French exploitation mafia in Africa. Key is the understanding that plain robbery in a neocolonialist slavemaster-slave-relationship is no promising business model anymore compared to fair partnership and mutual win-win-situations in freedom. That should be obvious for everybody, but there is still so much complacency and ignorance to overcome, even among Ambazonians, which just lets French Cameroun do what they want, because the greedy ones profit from the French rule and the good-willing ones in UN, EU, US, AU for example are so overwhelmed with other problems in the world, that they brush Sub-Sahara-African problems under the carpet. Nevertheless, the growing refugee problem coming from Africa into non-Africa should be a wake up call for all the lazy bones and ignorants.


So the Ambazonians, Camerounese and stakeholders worldwide need to be provided with a convincing plan which contains the economic, legal, military and political redesign of whole Cameroon. It should be obvious by the displayed facts that the big clean-up of Cameroon is an absolute necessity, if we want to prevent most terrible outcomes of the Biya Regime in its end stadium of power struggle, like genocide, famines and refugee floods. All reform oriented groups have to be methodically provided with the right documents downloadable from Ambazonia’s and Cameroun's state websites which shall “tell it all” as a political education for everybody, and the headline slogans in the global information campaign should be:

“The big clean-up of Cameroon starts now (and Ambazonia shows how!)”,

“There is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon; there is neo-colonialist cleptocracy problem in all of Cameroon”,

“Ambazonia says No to Françafrique”,

“Stop Françafrique – Start African Self-Governance”,

“Ambaland – the most promised land there is!”.


The biggest cornerstone for the international recognition of Ambazonia’s sovereign statehood is the fact that the former British colonialists recognized the British Southern Cameroons in 1960 as sovereign people already by not only releasing it from the status as mere UN Trust Territory but also in form of providing an own constitution and passports for the Southern Cameroons as well. Also the British never urged for a ratification of the later artificial union between Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun, so the statehood of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia or Ambaland stands on constitutional ground. Every member of the Ambazonian IG or ARCC has to insist on this constitutionally given sovereignty and independence during all the negotiations and public debates. Yet, since the two dictators of Cameroon since 1961, Ahijo and Biya, have let the pseudo-union between SC and LRC look relatively stable until 2016, the world does not want to question France on it till today and France does not want to question her Françafrique either, so the Ambazonians still have to fight for their rights and full self-governance before courts, in the media, on political stage, before the UN, AU, EU, US and just everywhere on all levels, including militarily, because when there is no power behind words then nobody takes you seriously. There is hardly any force of arguments when there is no argument of force behind them.


The most important part of effective self defense of the Ambazonian homeland against the French Camerounese aggression is making the French media unable to paint the Ambazonian liberators as terrorists or secessionists. Everything, really everything must be done to take out the wind of the sails of the enemy in this respect. Every Ambazonian has to become an info-warrior who is firing the truth about Ambazonia daily to at least 10 journalists, parliamentarians or organizations all over the world. Internet and phones make it possible. Biya is misusing his mercenary and military equipment against “his own” population instead against Boko Haram! So who is the terrorist? What is a senile dictator, who was never elected in fair, democratic, unmanipulated elections and is violating any constitution and law on a daily basis, doing on international political stage instead of in a prison cell anyway? Who really wants genocide or thinks neocolonialism 3:0 would be profitable in the long run?


The second most important part of effective self defense and reconquering the own territory is to not provoke the enemy unnecessarily but to starve him out by cutting his supply routes, financial resources, communication frequencies, fighting morale, "connections", international support, … It would be good to reach public statements signed by all leaders of Ambazonia which confirm the will to never give up on this until Ambazonia is free from the occupier, so that the enemy will learn from the start that occupying Ambazonia is like America wanting to conquer Vietnam. All Camerounese occupying soldiers shall learn in French for which outdated, hopeless system of ocotgenerians they are risking their lives.  


The third trump card the Ambazonians have is that the enemy soldiers just fight a highly risky and injust agressor’s fight for food and money whereas the Ambazonian soldiers fight for defending innocent civilians and the good cause of reform and modernization. So enemy soldiers might be easily convinced to defect or sabotage. To undermine the loyality of the enemy soldier to a senile, criminal, illegitimate dictator and colonizer, who is robbing even their own fellow citizens, should not be so difficult. Strategically the making of your foe to a friend is Ambazonia’s most important war front. .  


In summary the liberation fight should run under the following basic assumptions:


  1. It is not a secession, because “Southern Cameroons” = Ambazonia has never been legally united with French Cameroon, so it is a restoration of statehood, a reestablishment of a once given independence, which had already existed 1960

  2. It is not a language problem between Anglophones and Francophones in Cameroon but it is a problem of grave malgovernance by Françafrique and its puppet dictator Paul Biya and ending both Françafrique and the Biya-regime in both Ambazonia (former Anglophone part of Cameroon) and Sanagia (former French part of Cameroon) is absolutely necessary to solve that problem

  3. In international secret diplomatic missions with the United Kingdom and France shall be achieved that the UK is not blamed for the past mistakes but praised for the present wisdom and France is not feeling that it will loose all business connections. Both shall be made convinced that separating Ambazonia and “Sanagia” will not worsen the relationship between the British and the French.

  4. Also the Nigerian government shall not be urged to make a public statement in favor of Ambazonia, but the local Nigerian leaders in the border region just need to support Ambazonia.

  5. The problem could be solved peacefully, if the Francophones are made to understand that a free and independent Ambazonia is not a threat but a chance and if the international pressure on and shaming of the present form of Françafrique is done methodically in bulk quantity and that France also gets an acceptable proposal for an alternative way of Francafrique. But as their peaceful withdrawal is is not likely, it is also necessary for Ambazonia to build up serious self-defense forces including professionally trained bush guerilla. Yet, tactically, these forces’ speakers should rather say in the media: “We are helping the world in the fight against terrorists and criminal dictatorships.” And not declare war against a much stronger enemy, until the Ambazonian homeland defense is strong enough to cut all supply routes of the enemy simultaneously. No unnecessary provocation of the enemy in order to prevent getting civilians massacred but passive resistance and giving all military leaders of the enemy maximum fear.

  6. The frontline should be moved from the homeland into the homes of the enemy leaders.

  7. Half-baken “solutions” like federation between Ambazonia and Sanagia aka LRC and SC or like only exchanging heads but keeping the same system do not help at all, it needs an eradication of the corruption by the root and in the Cameroonian system the fish stinks from the top and that is located in the French way of ruling things by corruption and divide & rule and by blocking the buildup of own African infracstructure or industry. The other stinking part of the fish is the widespread belief of non-Africans that sub-Saharan Africans cannot self-govern well. This has to be disproven by the Ambazonians themselves. 

  8. Recently the young French president announced to tackle the problems with former French colonies in Africa by the roots, that raises chances to gradually diminish the French rule in Ambazonia and Sanagia, but a sound skepticism towards Paris should prevail, because the history of French colonialism and foreign policy does not allow much hope for significant turnarounds and all in all we still have to see how much power the new young president Macron has against the French establishment and foreign intelligence

  9. The European Marshall Plan With Sub-Sahara Africa contradicts Francafrique, let’s hope that’s not only a paper tiger, and bring up all non-French European powers to speak out against the systemic robbery of Africa by Françafrique. 

  10. Since the AU is very corrupted by France and France-friendly donors Ambazonia needs to filter those African governments which are anti-Françafrique and work closer with them so that they lobby for Ambazonian independence in the AU.

  11. The African Union may find other types of national sovereignty as the UN has defined. The collusion of some leaders in the African Union with France or other non-African neocolonialists needs to be addressed in media and the “bad guys’ in the AU need to be distinguished from the “good guys” and being exposed.

  12. During times of genocide and fight for survival of a people all political factions of this people have to force their leaders to come and sit together in a war room to do a decent SWOT analysis in which the true Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of/for both themselves and the enemy will come out. On basis of this and an honest confession of each leader about where the strength of another leader could fill the gap of an own weakness there could be found a higher level of consensus altogether, which may be laid down in written form and signed even, so that everyone feels obliged to keep to it in future. The various revolutionary or political groups have to synchronize and gauge their press releases and formulate in which details, goals and methods they have a consensus with other groups and where they still see differences. Some decisive parts need to stay secret though. It’s the leaders’ job and talent to sort out, what goes to the public and what not. It does not matter, whether you call the union of all leaders an “interim government” or a “union of groups”, what matters is that they base their actions on a common strategy which really works and that strategy can only be found if the assessments of the many foot soldiers are done well, and the data was true and interpreted with insight, vision and realism.  

  13. The “Republic of Ambazonia” which HRH Fon Fongum Dinka established before international law and the “Federal Republic of Ambazonia” which the Interim Government and the ARCC promote, shall become one and the same thing, as going to be defined in one and the same new constitution of that same sovereign state.

  14. Fon Dinka shall open the way to elections of a new, younger Head of State, to a referendum about at least two versions of a new constitution carried out as soon as the Ambazonian security forces have regained control over the Ambazonian territory, to sueing Cameroon for robbing Ambazonian oil before the International Court of the Law of the Seas, and to the election of a national parliament. 

  15. The IG and ARCC of Ambazonia shall define their collaboration rules in detail so that every member gets to know very well what will happen to anybody who is violating the common rules, which were signed by all leaders. 


The core of the strategy is constitutional reform. The outdated neocolonialist constitutions of both Ambazonia aka  Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun aka Sanagia must be replaced by two new, well-drafted, modern, democratic, anti-neocolonialist, anti-corruption constitutions to form two independent countries, Ambazonia and Cameroun (Sanagia). Ambazonia may incline more towards common law, Sanagia my incline more to civil law. But the decisive part is that none of them is inclined to neo-colonialist dependency and top-down-corruption anymore, and that they won't face each other as enemies anymore, but as friends. 


The French Camerounese have to understand that Ambazonian liberty and sovereignty will only help them to also get free from the neocolonialist octopus!  

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